Women Against Men – “Survivor” Alliances May Be Threatened

As another week of the CBS reality TV show “Survivor” comes to an end, it appears that Troyzan is playing the game, and playing very well. Most of the time in the popular show, the fans and viewers pull for the underdogs, but not in this series.

There are several things that were evident in the realty TV show this week, beginning with how Troyzan seemed to control the game. Troy is not helping his cause by taunting the women before and after the challenges, especially a bunch of women who are hungry. He also needs to try to unite with them in order to advance in the game. Some think that he is making himself so disliked that he may end up being in the finals. However, as soon as he won the challenge, Troyzan started working on Christina and Alicia to turn against Kim. His plan did not work, and he finds himself forced to win immunity for a long time to survive.  In order to survive, he really needs to turn on the charm.

Notably, Alicia may have made her worst move of the game when she did not take Troyzan’s deal against Kim.  She could have been in a good position with Troyzan, Tarzan, Leif, and Christina. It would have been a bold move and would have made some people mad, but put her in a position to be at the end. Odd numbered alliances are the perfect time to make bold moves in “Survivor.”  There is still a chance, but not for much longer.

Troyzan’s trash mouth is playing him right into Kim’s hands even though he wins immunity. The departure of Leif was the perfect move this week by Kim. Voting out a woman would have spawned a wake up call for girls. Kim is slowly moving in for the kill on Troyzan. As soon as he loses a challenge for immunity, Kim will put him out of the game. Thus far, Kim has played the game well, and she is winning at this point.

Tarzan has surprisingly set himself up for the end stretch as he voted with the women for two straight weeks. Obviously someone is persuading him to vote with the women, although it is not shown on the screen. Tarzan seems to be emerging as a player as he did not go along with Troyzan’s plan this week.

As the show says goodbye to Leif this week, it’s not like he has any significant role in the game other than an alliance with the men and his flipping and hopping around to celebrate a victory. His entertainment was appreciated around the island, even when he got stuck under a log. He also left the show with some historical moments as nobody on the show has ever slept in a coffin like Leif.

It will be interesting to see what Troyzan is able to pull off in the next episode.  Tune in to the series to follow as the new drama unfolds on ABC Wednesday night 8/7c.