Who Went Home On “The Voice”?

Last night on the voice the candidates picked to go home were not all that surprising.  Adam Levine and Celo Green’s teams were up on the chopping block.

Adam went first and predictably Tony Lucca was safe due to his good solid performance on Monday as well as his solid backing of fans.  America none-the-less picked him to stay, which meant that Mathai and Katrina were left to battle it to the death, or really just to stay on the show.

Mathai went first and nearly blew it for herself when she did not start with her music.  However, she got through it and was performing Carrie Underwood’s Cowboy Casanova.  She did a solidly good job and Blake complemented her on expressing her inner hillbilly.  The only odd thing about it was that no one seemed to think that she actually had an inner hillbilly.

Next up to the plate was Katrina who did a rendition of Pink’s “F***ing Perfect” and made it simply “Perfect”.  She blew her song out of the water and there was no competition or surprise about who would be staying and who would be going home.

For some reason Adam made an extremely long speech before making the already rather obvious decision and finally at the end of it all he announced that his final choice to go home was Mathai.  It was sad to see her leave but Katrina did a better job this week.

Next it was Celo’s turn and his safe pick voted to stay by America was the beautifully somber powerhouse Jamar Rogers.  This week could have been more of a shocker for Team Celo had America picked to save Cheesa’s halfway between good and mediocre performance of Whitney Houston last episode.  However, they did not and it reminded us all that no one can quite do it like Whitney could.
Since Jamar was safe that meant that Cheesa and Juliet Simms were left to battle to the death for the saving grace of yet another week on the Voice.

Cheesa made the mistake of choosing an awkward song for her bought of survival when she belted “Already Gone”.  The lyrical stanzas were just plain awkward with lines such as: “someone’s gotta go.”  She was just hoping that someone wasn’t her.  After a good solid performance it was Juliet’s turn.
Juliet delivered a calm and steady performance of Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” which was a bit of a change for her since we are used to her belting out horse yet oh-so sultry rock ballads that ooze a bit of a vulnerable Janice Joplin reminiscence.

At the end of her performance it was clear that Cheesa’s performance didn’t cut it and that she was “Already Gone”.

Before Celo made his decision he gently encouraged both girls to smile, and while it didn’t work it was still rather sweet.  Instead of laughing they both burst into tears and with no further distractions Celo declared that Julia would be staying with her less than perfect but entrancing voice.