Which “Desperate Housewives” Has Lost My Power

Susan wants to be both dad and mom as she tries to help her son build a car for the boxcar race for dads and sons at school.  MJ doesn’t want her help as it only makes matters worse.  Susan refuses help from the neighborhood men.  While she does a good job on the car, MJ rolls it into the street in front of a big truck and destroys it. Susan has to pressure MJ as to why he did it on purpose. He reveals that people will make fun of him if his mom shows up when everyone else has a dad. Susan swallows her pride and solicits Tom, Bob, Lee, and Ben as MJ’s own personal pit crew to help him build another car, a corvette which was his dad’s favorite.

When Lynette goes to drop off something at Tom’s office, his boss Gregg hits on her.  Lynette turns him down but after seeing Tom and Jane kissing down the hall, she reconsiders.  They enjoy having dinner as they talk about ways to mess with Tom and Jane.

Meanwhile, Penny lets her mom in on a secret that Tom still has not filed the papers as Gregg and Lynette continue to make things difficult for Tom’s relationship. Lynette is enjoying the plots until Gregg decides to send Tom to India to work for a year. She realizes it has gone too far as her plan to get Tom back won’t work if he is in India.

Gabby is doing well in her position as a personal shopper assistant.  Dollar signs keep mounting before her eyes as she meets Doris, the wealthy widow looking to unload some of her dead husband’s fortune.  While Carlos is happy giving up his power and humbled by his new job of twelve dollars an hour, Gabby is still reaching for the stars and intends to keep her extravagant life. Gabby invites Doris to dinner to swindle her out of her fortune, but it backfires as she goes to get desert, leaving Doris at the table for Carlos to solicit her money to help his cause.

Gabby is furious that Carlos took her commission, and she of course plans her revenge as she transforms his tacky and untidy office into an elegant and expensive one that leads Doris to believe that Carlos spent her money on himself instead of helping others. Carlos accuses Abby of ruining his plans to make a difference in people’s lives. Abby accuses Carlos of being the shark that he always was as he proves he still likes to win.

Renee finds out her husband is being dishonest about the body at the construction site. She is not happy that he is keeping things from her as she has been down that road before. Ben convinces her that he is doing it to protect her and she lets it go for now, on the promise that once they are married and she doesn’t have to testify against him as his wife, he will tell her the truth.  He agrees.

Bree and her attorney discuss strategy of her trial. Although they disagree on a lot, they do like each other’s company. Bree is embarrassed in court over having to give details of her past. Tripp gets her to open up so he can defend her when he shares his own embarrassing moments with her.

The show comes to an end as Bree sits with her friends to update them on her case. They notice she has developed a crush on her attorney.  She finally admits to it, but agrees it is not a good time to act on her feelings. However, Tripp persuades Bree to go to dinner.

The final episode of the popular ABC show “Desperate Housewives” will air on Sunday night, May 6, 2012 9/8c. Don’t miss the phenomenal finale.