What’s Up with June and the Bubble Bath? Just Sex Episode of “Who’s the “B” in Apt 23”

June has sprung into spring cleaning mode.  However, Chloe’s shelf polish just happens to be feminine wash instead, so it probably won’t work very well. While cleaning out, June donates a bunch of her roommate’s old stuff to the yard sale that the Korean church is putting on. Later as she relaxes in a hot warm bubble bath, June starts fantasizing about the good looking guy who pops into the coffeehouse all the time. Well, maybe she does a little more than fantasize in that tub of bubbles.

June is devastated when Chloe walks in and catches her under the tub of bubbles.  She does confess that she has a huge crush on a most handsome “soy latte” guy that has perfect abs. The only bad thing is, the guy is dumber than a box of worms so June can’t get involved with him.

Chloe tells June she should have casual sex with the guy, but June can’t bring herself to do so because she is afraid she will not be any good at it. In her own crazy way, Chloe tries to help June out by offering to show her a sex tape she made with James to help her brush up on how to have sex. Come to find out, the tape just happens to be one of the things that June donated to the Korean church.

Meanwhile, when James is working with his Dancing with the Stars partner, Valentina, he receives a telephone call telling him that the sex tape is going to be released.  James’s mom thinks this is a great idea and tells him he should get onboard with it because he needs the publicity that it will generate. Robin serves as the focus group for him and notices that he is constantly licking his lips. Fortunately, the video company is going to allow James to reshoot so he can fix the lip issue. Chloe is skeptical about participating but finally agrees to do so as long as she can get really drunk for it. That ought to be interesting.

June decides to take Chloe’s suggestion to heart and has casual sex with the soy latte guy, and just like Chloe told her to, she gets up and leaves during the night. This causes June to get a call from the hunk the next day.  It turns out that he needs someone to comfort  him because his pet parrot has flown away. June, being the soft-hearted person she is, ends up letting the dumb soy latte guy cry on her shoulder.  She thinks it is the least she can do, it’s the way relationships should be. It turns out that Chloe is upset with her and smashes June’s cell phone to stop her from sending text messages to the guy. She even smashes the cell of a stranger, although it is not clear why.

Chloe takes it upon herself to dump the soy latte guy for June.  She can’t figure out why June has to attach feelings to sex.  However, all that changes when she makes the sex tape with James. Neither one of them is able to follow through with it after they realize they care about one another.  Chloe is really mad.  She blames June for actually caring. The episode ends with Chloe finding the hot guy’s parrot, but June will only be seeing him in the tub from now on.