Time Warner Cable Offers Great Entertainment

Time Warner Cable offers incredible value for the family that needs the three essential services for home entertainment and communications. Time Warner Cable can provide exciting programming packages, Time Warner Cable Internet and digital home phone services that can save money while giving the family what it needs. Check out the current Time Warner Cable Package Deals at http://cabletelevisionbundles.s9.com/time-warner-cable-packages-.html.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV has a large FREE HD selection to choose from, with standard definition, as well. These programming options include hours of shows for all age groups, so the children can watch their cartoons, while the adults can watch their mature dramas.

If nightly schedules don’t allow for families to be home when favorite shows and local news are on, families can record them for viewing later on the Digital Video Recorder. With Time Warner Cable Digital TV, families can get this programming on their time.

The DVR records hours of standard definition shows, while the HD-DVR can record hours of standard and HD programming. These devices can record on several channels at one time, with the ability to play back programming while recording more.

The DVR is safe for children, due to the Parental Controls that come free of charge. These Controls make it possible for adults to get their programming without exposing their children. Parents can block programming on the channel package and on the DVR, or HD-DVR. These Parental Controls can be used for the On Demand menu, as well.

The DVR has other benefits, like the use of the fast forward, pause and rewind functions that give viewers full control over their programming choice. These functions work for the programming stored to the DVR hard drive, and for the programming that families can find On Demand.

Time Warner Cable Digital TV has more than 10,000 viewing selections that families can choose from, day or night. These viewing selections include prime time shows, cartoons for the kids, Premiums On Demand, for households that subscribe to them and instant access to newly released movies. These selections can provide for an entire night’s entertainment without leaving the house or paying late fees.

Time Warner Cable can also provide fast, reliable access for online games and HD movies. With Time Warner Cable Internet, Time Warner Cable Internet subscribers don’t have to wait lengthy periods of time to get their movies and games.

This service also offers free online security software that can help save a family money while protecting the computer and personal information for the family. This software can help protect personal information to guard against Identity Theft. It can also block or find viruses, popups, spyware and other threats.

Both the Time Warner Cable Internet with PowerBoost, and the Time Warner Cable Internet Turbo services have this security software, as well as Parental Controls. Time Warner Cable Internet Parental Controls can help keep parents in the loop about who the kids are networking with. These Controls can also block undesirable web content so that kids stay on the family-friendly websites parents want them on.

These programming and online services can meet any family’s entertainment and communications needs, but Time Warner Cable also provides a great calling plan that allows families to make unlimited local and long distance calls for a set monthly rate.

Families can make calls to any location in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada for one rate. This one rate also includes up to ten calling features that allow families to make and manage their calls.

These features include Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Three Way Calling and more, so that families don’t have to miss any of their important calls.

Bundled packages help save the family money while providing additional convenience. With Bundles, families can get their programming, their Time Warner Cable Internet and their digital home phone services through one monthly package.