“The Walking Dead” Marathon On AMC

Get ready for complete zombie saturation. AMC, not wanting to leave you without all your zombie-fighting favorites for too long, has lined up a “The Walking Dead” marathon. This marathon is sure to reignite the Dead flame within fans, bringing it to peak levels with sneak peeks and premiering scenes. It is set to be held between July 7th and July 8th. Gear up for the blood, guts, rotting limbs and gore. It’s all there for you to watch, again.

Fans will also be able to see input from the Talking Dead, a live aftershow that premiered after the season two premier of episode one.  The cable television show includes appearances from celebrity fans, and TWD crew and cast members. During the show, the latest episode is discussed with fans and guests. There are also online polls, behind-scenes footage and trivia, and live feeds from social media. Fans can connect with Talking Dead through Twitter, Reddit and Facebook.

Although the end of season two left fans clamoring for more, with a long wait for season three, this marathon is a respite. AMC is bringing it all back, including the aftershow, Talking Dead, with a 19 episode run, starting from the first season. Viewers will be able to watch these episodes starting at 11:30 am each morning. It will include a never-before-seen pilot, in black and white. The marathon will end with a live episode of “Talking Dead”, which includes the first scene from the first episode of the third season. It will be hosted by Chris Hardwick. “Talking Dead” is set to air on July 8th, at 9:00 pm. The showing of the never-before-seen pilot will mark the end of the marathon. It will air at 10:00 pm.

Chris Hardwick will be accompanied by TWD cast members, in Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta is where the third season of the hit series is being filmed, currently. Talking Dead will also give sneak peeks at locations that will play key roles in the third season, like the Prison. Along with introductions, Hardwick will also give interviews to TWD executive producers, cast members and celebrity guests that have not been revealed yet.

The marathon will be aired a week before the San Diego Comic-Con. This is an obstacle course of stadium proportions, set up for TWD fans. Fans can go as spectators, participants that are trying to make it through without getting infected, or the infected.

TWD fans may also be able to satisfy their zombie craving with a new game on Facebook. The game, called AMC The Walking Dead, is a social game for Facebook users. The game is in the testing stage now, but those that Like the game will be notified as soon as its ready for release.

So, grab the remote, or set the DVR, and get ready for two days of premium zombie gore with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead. Season Three isn’t set for airing until October, so this might be the last opportunity to get much anticipated sneak peeks at season three.