“The Vampire Diaries” Gets Steamy

A steamy episode of “The Vampire Diaries”, this one starts with Alaric stuck in the cellar of the Salvatore household.  Needing essential things to survive, Elena decided to bring him what he needed so that he could sleep, bath, wear at least a single clean pair of clothes, etc. Elena decides to go to Denver, accompanied by Damon, so that they can see what’s up with Jeremy as well as to resolve some feelings she has had about Damon. The real mission was to make sure that Jeremy got in touch with Rose to see what bloodline she was from.  This in turn would reveal the bloodline of Katherine as well as the Salvatore brothers.  The rest of the plan if for Stefan to stay put to try and discover where a missing stake has been hidden by Evilaric.

Stefan ends up bringing Alaric some alcohol to get him to sleep because apparently Moby Dick was not doing the trick.  Instead of sleeping though Alaric and Stefan end up talking for a long time and Stefan describes his dilemma about Elena.  He has decided to take the higher ground and want Elena to see if she has feelings for another man (Damon) before he even starts thinking about getting her back.

Action ensues as Jeremy is spotted by Elena and Damon at some batting cages.  Kol, a pal of Jeremy’s who was the one he was meeting, breaks a wooden bat across Damon’s skull.  Creating a convenient stake out of the bat, Damon grabs it, as Kol goes for an aluminum bat instead for more power, and stabs Kol with it.  Elena, Damon, and Jeremy end up running off to a hotel in the middle of nowhere with a sweet view of the Rockies.

In the hotel Damon tries to get Jeremy to talk about Rose by summoning her.  Damon tells Jeremy and Elena that she spent her final day with him in a sunny paradise talking about what it used to be like to be a human.  Rose was apparently still there though and was not even stuck “in limbo” like other characters Vicki and Anna. Without the need to fear Klaus, Rose is able to do what she pleases ‘on the other side.’  Rose is speaking through Jeremy at this point, and is trying to get him to tell Damon that she finds him incredibly attractive and that she wants him and Elena to get together. She also tells the trio that she was killed by Mary, a crazy woman, and would find out where she was located.

Meanwhile Stefan continued to talk to Alaric, assuming that Jeremy has been caught by Elena and Damon. Klaus comes down to the cellar with a stake he finds and threatens to kill Alaric if he does not reveal the location of the other stake. Klaus ends up breaking Alaric’s neck instead of killing him because if Alaric dies, an entire bloodline could go down too.