The Problem with The Walking Dead’s Maggie


Maggie is one of the more popular characters in the Walking Dead, and she has certainly come a long way from the unassuming farm girl in season 2. However, recently the writing for Maggie has caused her to become a lackluster, and even slightly frustrating, character.

She’s just an add-on for Glenn at this point
Maggie, as a character, has not had many character traits outside of loving Glenn and wanting to be with Glenn since about the middle of the show’s fourth season. The death of Hershel has only compounded on this trait, making Maggie’s sole goal to be reunited with her husband—and nothing else. She doesn’t care if she has to travel on her own and risk her life, she is going to get back with Glenn. It’s not a bad thing for a character to have a relationship that drives them—but when their sole character trait consists of getting to that person, and staying with that person, it becomes very boring.

Maggie is now just an add-on for Glenn with very little traits of her own. The writers need to give Maggie more to do and care about outside of Glenn.


She doesn’t seem to care about her sister being missing
This particular problem is caused by the fact that the writers have made Glenn Maggie’s sole goal in the show. She briefly mentions her sister to Daryl after the group is reunited after Terminus, but she does not seem upset, worried or even a little bit sad about the fact that her younger sister Beth is missing—not just missing, but kidnapped by unsavory characters. This is very unlike Maggie, who has always been about family prior to the middle of the show’s fourth season, and it does not make any sense that she would essentially abandon Beth.

Her roots are being forgotten 
It’s normal for characters to evolve from where they used to be, especially in a show like the Walking Dead which constantly deals with death, separations and other huge losses that can drastically change a person. However, the current Maggie has completely lost the roots of what made her character so originally compelling. She doesn’t have to be the rough-and-tough farm girl anymore, but there should be a shadow of the old Maggie—who loved her family, who loved to help others—somewhere in there.