“Survivor One World” Boots Michael Jefferson

Thirty year old banker, Michael Jefferson from Seattle Washington was voted off in last week’s episode of “Survivor” in the 8th tribal council this season. Ten players are left after Jefferson’s exit from the merged tribe, Tikiano.  Blindsided Michael was stiffed by his tribe as Kim Spradlin fabricated a big fib, telling Troy Robertson that Michael was placing a target on him.

Michael later admits that’s Kim made a strategic move, and Troy never mentioned Kim’s accusations to him leading him to believe that he was going to take Tarzan and Alicia to the end with him. Michael felt that he had the girls on his side, but also believed it would become guys against girls at some point. However, the blind-side made him realize that no one can be trusted in the game.

The 24th series started out with men versus the women, but when they pulled the tribe switch, Jay and Mike made a pact to pretty much stick with the old Salani group of Chelsea, Kim, Kat, and Sabrina. Jay, the model from Gaffney, SC, was concerned that the girls would remain hooked up and do damage to the merge, pushing the fact that a woman must be the next to go.

Jay and Troy found Tree Mail and relayed it to the team that the next reward challenge would offer something about refreshments and sliding. At the challenge, show host Jeff Probst explained that everyone would be required to split up for the event and establish two teams by alternate picks. The teams would pick one member at a time to race down a waterslide and out into the water to obtain a big puzzle crate and bring it back before the next person could go. Once all 7 crates were retrieved, the team could then begin working to solve a puzzle. The winner would be taken to a 7Up oasis with barbeque, burgers, steak, side dishes, and pie.

Team one was made up of Jay Troy, Kat, Alicia, and Chelsea. Team two consisted of  Mike, Kim, Christina, Leif, and Sabrina. Tarzan was not picked by either team and had to sit it out. Team two was the winner of the challenge. The team enjoyed the reward at a 7Up resort that had a pool and an enormous amount of food. Kim and Sabrina took advantage of the time to talk strategy of keeping the girls in the game by pulling together Chelsea and pitting 6 women against the 4 men.

The men thought Christina should go next, but Kat convinced them that Mike was a huge physical threat. The 22nd day had left the tribe tasked with rebuilding their shelter after a storm. The weather elevated the tension between the team mates, especially Chelsea and Tarzan. Kim executed her plan to deceive the men into getting rid of Mike.

The next immunity challenge would have the castaways race across a ladder bridge with bags of puzzle pieces. The first 4 people to reach the finish line would move onto the final round where they would compete in solving the puzzle. The winner would be safe at tribal council. The players were Kim, Alicia, Troyzan, and Jay, with Jay coming out on top. Kim is holding her breath hoping Jay does not get suspicious of her wanting to get Mike out. When Chelsea asks Jay about getting rid of Mike he admits he is skeptical about the girls and shares that he felt that if Mike went he would be next.

The night ended as Jeff revealed the votes. Two votes were cast for Christina, two for Tarzan, and five for Mike. Alliances are broken and new ones are emerging. See who gets booted off next week by ordering your Comcast Cable Television Bundle today!