Survivor is Heating Up As Tribe Finally Cuts Loose One of the Girls

Kat Edorsson, the dizzy 22 year old timeshare rep from Orlando Florida, found herself in a blindside she was not expecting this week. It was almost comical as the votes to get rid of her came right after she said “a blindside would be funny” although she was referring to a blindside of Sabrina, which she thought was the case.  Turns out, Kat was the lone voter for Sabrina and the rest of the pack put a hit on Kat, much to her surprise.

In the twelfth Tribal Council of the season, Kat met her demise. In post interviews, Kat admitted she would go down in history as the most naïve player ever, and she was going to try to get back on the show to redeem herself.

On day 31, the tribe received Tree Mail which was actually a mobile phone as they were allowed to watch videos sent from their families and loved ones back at home. It was a very emotional moment as the contestants all felt that the next reward challenge would allow the winner time with their family.

The players learned that the challenge would tie them and their family member together to work through a series of tangled rope and obstacles for a fabulous food reward and time with their loved one.

Although close, Kat and Robby won the challenge.  What happened next took the whole tribe and viewers by surprise when Kat had the opportunity to take two other tribe members and their family member with her. She unbelievably chose Kim and Alecia.

Right after the challenge ended, Sabrina and the other members all agreed that she should have taken Tarzan and Christina. It was not a strategic move Kat should have made, but she has been shooting from the hip the whole game without strategizing at all, the reason people have doted on her all season.

Final three talk is rampant throughout the camp. Kim is rethinking her strategy, thinking that Kat and Alecia may be her best bet to take to the finals, but she has had an alliance with Sabrina since the beginning.  Meanwhile, back at camp, Sabrina is trying to rally the troops against Kat, while Tarzan tries to tell them Kat is not a threat since she is not a thinker. It’s also been brought up that no one wants to end up with Kat at the end after Troy told her “You can do it” on his way out.

On Day 33, Kim told Alecia and Chelsea that Kat wanted Sabrina gone and that she agrees because Sabrina was a smart player. Chelsea let Kim know she did not want to go to the end with Kat.

During the immunity challenge when only Kat and Kim were left, Kat begged Kim to let her win, Kim ignored her.  Kim tried to high five Kat after her win, but Kat rejected the opportunity at first, but then gave it up half-heartedly.

When the votes were revealed, only one person voted for Sabrina and that was Kat. All the other votes were for Kat. Kat stared at Kim in disbelief and cried as she left the Tribal Council area. That blindside is not so funny now.