“Shah’s of Sunset” Recap

Vintage stores are scary, or so says Asa.  She and GG start out the episode attempting to form some type of relationship, and GG takes Asa to a vintage store in order to help Asa manage her money.  However, the attempt failed miserably because Asa complains about not being able to rid the stench of used clothes.

One thing that the two are able to agree on is the rude behavior of MJ at GG’s parent’s 40th anniversary party.  GG is a bit outraged…as usual, by MJ showing up three hours late, and while GG was pleased with Asa’s agreement she is not pleased with MJ and determines that MJ will be hearing from her.

The story shifts to Reza who is in for an emotional week because he is planning on going to New York to confront his Father about not being present in his life.  Reza’s Mother explains that upon marriage Reza’s Father, who was previously Jewish, had to convert to Islam.  This was seen as devastating to his Jewish family and the two’s marriage was never looked kindly upon.  Eventually, she explains, the tension was just too thick.

Back to GG and her friends, they are preparing for a girl’s night out, which means drama!  Tahira, Anita, Asa, MJ and Sunny are present and everyone knows that the night is going to be all sorts of crazy.  The first hint of tension comes up when GG confronts MJ about being late to her parent’s anniversary party.  MJ responds that she could not help her tardiness because she had to work and it was a priority.  Then Sunny chimes in and goes on a bit of a tangent about the importance of work, which was well intended but really just resulted in the belittlement of GG.  Surprisingly though GG holds it together and keeps her cool.

All remains fine until Las Vegas and MJ’s mean behavior toward Anita is dug up from five seasons ago.  The conversation gets heated and Sunny chimes in, once again but somehow a situation that started with MJ ends up being GG’s fault.

The next day GG rehashes the events to her sister who advises that GG gets help for her anger management.

Meanwhile, MJ visits Sammy for stress relief but all he ends up doing is lying to MJ about how much, or how little he spent on the diamond earrings he bought for her birthday.

Reza finally makes it to New York to visit his father and receives a warm reception from the family (all except for nana).  He and his father go outside to discuss their long lost past and tears, blame and excuses fill the air.  Reza’s father blames the cheating on his family (nana in particular).  Reza blames his cheating on his father’s bad influence and somewhere in between the blame the two seem to come to some sort of resolution: hate nana.

The season is coming to an end and everyone is still alive and drama filled, so stay tuned for next week.