Series Finale For “Desperate Housewives”

It looks like “Desperate Housewives” will be no more after this season. However, before the series finale, the cast and crew will get to say goodbye- again- to Christine Estabrook, who played Martha Huber on the show. The character played by Estabrook was on the show for eleven episodes.

Martha Huber was the nosey widow that lived on Wisteria Lane. Huber was the on screen sister of Felicia Tilman and the first one to discover Mary Young’s suicide. Estabrook’s character was killed off by Paul, for her part in Young’s death. Estabrook will join Dana Delany for the series finale.

Dana Delany played Katherine Mayfair, a character on the show in season four. Mayfair was an extremely cold housewife, but was credited with being an exceptional home maker. During season four, Delany’s character started her own business, took care of her two children. One was adopted (Dylan Mayfair), and the other died at a young age. Katherine Mayfair was the first character to have a lesbian relationship on the series, finally running off with her lover, Dexter, to France.

Early spoilers for the final episode include the death of Susan’s long time love, Mike Delfino.

Desperate Housewives has been on for eight seasons. The show was originally planned to continue until 2013 into a ninth season, so the decision for an early finale came as a shock for most cast and crew members.

Some have speculated that the show’s early closing may have something to do with the writer, producer and show runner, Marc Cherry stepping down as executive producer and show runner.

In the last half of 2011, Cherry was hit with a lawsuit by former actress, Nicolette Sheridan. In the lawsuit, Sheridan alleges that Cherry slapped her and fired her in unlawful retaliation. While the case awaits trial, Cherry has obligated himself to other projects. Sheridan also claims she has not been able to find work as an actress since being fired from the production in 2009.

Cherry did admit to hitting Sheridan on the head as he was demonstrating something in a scene to Sheridan while they were on set. But, he says, he apologized to Sheridan at the time of the incident and says he still feels bad about it now.

In looking back, Desperate Housewives garnered the support and respect of critics and viewers, alike. The show won several Screen Actors Guild awards and several Emmys. It had the prestigious ranking of the most-seen comedy series, internationally. It drew as much as 51.6 million viewers on a regular basis, with a premier of 21.6 million viewers and a first season finale that garnered more than 30 million viewers. Internationally, the show drew in more than 118 million viewers.

Besides Estabrook, the show starred Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman and Eva Longoria.

Eva Longoria stated that she is grateful for the opportunity she had in working with the cast and crew of Desperate Housewives. She says her favorite show was the pilot, but she also enjoyed the hundredth episode, and the entire season eight.

The season finale will air on Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 10:00 pm, on ABC.