Seeing the Good in it All – “Private Practice” – Gone Baby Gone

As soon as Amelia goes into labor, Jake admits her to the hospital. He lets all his colleagues know that she intends to donate all her baby’s organs, which sparks a huge debate of whether or not it is an ethically acceptable move. The problem is, there can’t be a declaration of brain death for a baby that has no brain, but if they wait for the baby to die naturally, then the organs will be no good.

It is Amelia’s choice not to take any medication as she lets Sheldon know she is having a unicorn baby, then kicks him out of the room. Jake will need Sam’s help to harvest the baby’s heart and lungs, but Sam does not agree with what Amelia is doing. He’s also letting his personal feelings come into play after catching Jake making out with Addison.

The hospital attorney’s might put a stop to the transplant procedure although Charlotte vows to fight them. Sam tells Amelia why he refuses to help with the organ harvest. She tells him she understands the abnormality in it, but did some research that showed how her baby could helps others and that it would help her get through it to see the good in it all.

The attorneys refuse the harvest of the baby’s organs, but Charlotte is determined to do it anyway. Amelia is in a lot of pain causing Addison to storm onto the room to help as she can not stand to see her friend in pain. After the baby is born, Amelia asks to hold him.  While she doesn’t want to give him up, she musters up the strength give him up to the transplant team. Amelia lets the baby know his father is waiting on him to keep him from being lonely.

The team completes the harvest and is ready to send them off to different places. Sam did do the lungs and heart. Addison explains the “unicorn baby” term in that when Amelia was 12, she had an obsession with unicorns because they were magical. That is what her baby is doing for others. Addison breaks down and as Jake comforts her, they give into the passion.

Mason struggles with a Mother’s Day luncheon at school and lets Charlotte know he doesn’t know what to call her since he already has a mom. Charlotte lets him know that she is not trying to take his mom’s place, but is there for him anytime he needs her to fill in.  Mason wants to call her “mama” which is what she called her mother.  Charlotte likes that idea.

Pete is still defiant when he goes to his hearing on the mercy killing of his patient. He’s sent to jail with no bail as Violet tries to get him to cooperate with his lawyer so he can get out. He is very stubborn, so Cooper tries to convince him to swallow his pride so he can be with his family. Violet is elated when Pete comes home.

Sheldon is beside Amelia’s bed when she wakes up because she is his best friend. They share a sweet moment. Later Sam is waiting for Addison when she gets home to let her know he was all in for her and Henry, and that he loves her. While he gets down on one knee to propose to her, he doesn’t know that Jake is on his way over with flowers and Chinese.