See the Results on Week 5 of “Dancing With the Stars”

America’s favorite dance contest is heating up as shirts are flying off this season to stir up the crowd and bring on the votes. This week’s results show will have a first time ever twist as the two couples that end up at the bottom of the leader board will have to square off in a duel dance for life to stay in the competition.  While the fan votes will decide which two duos will be in the bottom two, the judges will have the final say about who will return for another shot at the title and who will go home this week.

As the fun begins this week, Maria and Derek re-perform their hot and sexy Salsa. In the original performance the couple had a serious lip-lock kiss in the middle of the performance that the crowd loved but Carrie Ann said was unnecessary.  Well, the couple’s reaction was to bring on more kissing in the results show performance.  However, the kiss also had a twist as Derek plants his smooch on Carrie Ann and Maria heads for Bruno.  What a treat!

It’s the time on the show that always brings on surprises and disappointment, but has fans and contestants alike sitting on the edge of their seats to see who gets the axe this week. As the elimination begins, Maria and Derek’s Salsa performed to Ricky Martin’s The Cup of Life kept them safe.

Melissa and Maks performed their Salsa to Aquanile by Mark Anthony and although the judges only gave them a 21 on their dance, the fan vote kept them safe this week. Dancing a Samba to Fiebre by La Lupe this week, Gladys and Tristan are also safe. The results show is suspended for a short performance by “Train” as they do their hit song, Drive By.

Another guest performance by Macy’s Stars of Dance with stars Sheila E, Selena Gomez and the Scene fill the studio with cheers and keep the results party flowing. As more results are given, William and Cheryl find out that their Argentina Tango performed to Buttons done by the Pussy Cat Dolls earned them a spot for next week. Katherine and Mark are also safe as their Argentina Tango to the tune of Tanguedia III by Astor Piazzolla was a fan voter hit.

The next couple vying for a chance to stay in the competition, Donald and Peta, danced an Argentina Tango as they chose a piece by Otros Aires called Sin Rumbo that kept them safe.  Roshon and Chelsie performed their Salsa to Bumpy Ride from Mohombi also keeping them safe for another week.

With all the dance teams in the safe category and returning next week as the competition is getting tougher and tougher to stay in, the two duos that end up at the bottom this week and in jeopardy of leaving are Jaleel and Kym and Gavin and Katina. They’ll perform in the dance-off duel to see who stays alive and who goes home.

As the two teams perform the Cha Cha simultaneously, it’s an intense and admirable dance competition with both putting their all into it. Since only one couple can remain, the judges are faced with the tough decision. Their careful consideration allows Jaleel and Kym to return as Gavin and Karina are leaving this week. Tune in to ABC primetime on Monday nights 8/7c for the next performance show as the competition heats up to “Motown” week.