“Ringer” Finally Starts Answering Questions

Fans of the CW show, “Ringer”, have gotten a lot of their questions answered from the last two episodes. This is good, since many viewers have had these questions since the pilot episode.

Warning: If you watch the show religiously, you may not want to continue to read, since there are spoilers for the coming season finale, “I’m the Good Twin”.

In the last two episodes before the finale, fans were able to find out that Andrew’s ex-wife, Catherine, was the person responsible for the murder attempts on Siobahn’s life. Fans also got to watch as Bridget confessed to Juliet and Andrew about who she really is. It didn’t go over very well. Also, Bridget now knows that Siobahn is still alive.

On Tuesday’s finale, viewers will get to see just how well laid Siobahn’s plan to kill her sister really is, and just how far back it goes.

Executive producer, Pam Veasey, said Bridgette was allowed to find out that Siobahn was still alive because it finally gave her the upper hand, and that felt right. She also said that Bridgett has spent the last year plagued with questions about what if someone found out about the secret she was keeping, or what would the consequences be. She was worried about being able to go back home or back to Wyoming because she stepped into her dead sister’s shoes. Veasey said she had spent a great deal of time on the defensive and that it was time for Bridgett to be on the offensive.

The discovery of this secret has left both sisters in New York, alone, with blown covers. This has probably left fans wondering where this information is going to take season two, should CW decide to renew the series for a second season. Veasey said that season two would rely on living in the present. She went on to explain that in after thought, the first season of Ringer contains a lot of the backstory, but the addition of a second season would be allow for living in the present. She went on to say that answering questions allows for the viewer and the characters to live in the present with their consequences, both on the lies and the truth.

At this point, Veasey has no idea as to whether or not Ringer will be renewed for a second season. However, Ringer is airing on CW, instead of CBS, its sister station. So the decision to renew or cancel will not be reached based solely on rating.

Veasey also pointed out that there were challenges in understanding the ratings for the fledgling season of Ringers. She said initially, everything was going well, then they went down, then they went back up, then they took off and took another dive. She said CW works differently than other networks due to all the new technology that is used for downloading and tweeting. Veasey, who also executive produces CSI: NY, says that with her work on CSI, she’s never had to worry about that.