Relationship Issues Abound On “Mad Men”

In this episode of “Mad Men”, there is a big fight between Abe and Peggy. Abe finally lashed out, feeling too much weight with the massive work load that Peggy has been carrying back home. Peggy of course is freaking out about a presentation that is about to take place for Heinz.  Under such pressure Peggy ends up calling it off all together!  It is revealed that Abe is still under the confines of gender roles and thinks that Peggy is acting “out of order.”

Then it really started getting bad for Peggy as she was left entirely alone by her coworkers Don Draper and Megan.  Don was always great about getting companies to sign deals and take up offers, but Peggy would have to do it solo this time because he and Megan were going on a trip while the presentation was taking place.   Peggy ends up failing on the presentation, trying to ultimately impersonate Don by telling the Heinz representative that he should like her slogan of ‘home is where the Heinz is’ but instead he takes her off of the account altogether.

In order to relax Peggy goes for a trip to the wild side, something completely out of character for her, and decides to have a drink in Don’s office to take the load off her shoulders.  Then her and Abe go to the movies.  While Abe wants to see “The Naked Prey,” a thrilling action movie, Peggy wants to see “Born Free,” with a much lighter vibe and to “Born free” she went, alone.

In the theater there is a man sitting behind them smoking marijuana and as Peggy tells him that he will get busted if he continues to smoke he asks her if she wants a toke.  Continuing her ‘good-girl-gone-bad’ streak, she decides to take a drag.  Suddenly the smoker tried to put his hand up her skirt and instead she unzips his pants and gives him a ‘happy ending.’

Peggy ends up waking up in Don’s office early in the morning.  When she finally talks to him he does not seem to care in the slightest, and he even ends up hanging up on her.  She then runs into Michael Ginsberg, one of her coworkers. In an awkward exchange between the two, Michael tells Peggy about his history: that he was adopted and his parents told him he was born in a concentration camp.  He has decided that he is an alien and that none of this really happened.  Peggy, realizing how lonely this guy is, realizes that she does not want to be alone and calls up Abe telling him that she always needs him.

Roger tries to avoid a party with Jane’s uppity friends, but she finally gets him to go to it, and it turns out that it is a party where everyone is going to take LSD. Throughout the trip Roger’s many defense mechanisms are taken away.  As it turns out the leader of “the trip” was their therapist and the couple splits up.