Prelude to Last Episode of “Desperate Housewives” – The People Will Hear

Bree continues to be emotionally involved with her Defense attorney as she is feeling very anxious about her upcoming murder trial. As the episode begins, Tripp is prepping the girls of Wisteria Lane for their testimonies in the trial. He is concerned when he hears Gabby refer to the victim as Alejandro. When Trip leaves, Bree’s friends point out that he is sporting round with a blonde in a red convertible sports car.  Bree is curious about what is going on.

When Bree runs into the blonde beauty, Lindsay, at the court house she finds out she is a private detective helping Tripp on her case. Actually, “was” helping is more appropriate – until Bree insults her by calling her a hooker.  Bree tries to apologize and Lindsay understands as she has been doing this for a long time, telling Bree that his female clients always fall for him even though his is always about the case. Bree tells Lindsay it is different with the two of them.

Julie is upset with Porter because he is late for a birthing class and it is not the only time he has shown disinterest. She is doubting his dedication to fatherhood. Susan comforts her by telling her how much Mike stepped in when MJ was born. When Susan has a talk with Porter, he tells her he is in over his head and may let Julie down.  Susan tells Julie she will move in with her, take care of the baby so Julie can finish school as she now has no ties to Wisteria Lane and needs a change since Mike is gone.

The Scavo kids are unhappy that Tom is going to India, while Tom has come to the realization he is going to miss Lynette. Lynette is thrilled to hear that news, but Tom’s boss is bad-mouthing her back at the office and Tom punches him out. He is fired.

Jane is curious why Tom would punch his boss. She then comes to the realization it is about Lynette. He still loves her.  Tom tries to explain, but Jane will not hear it and walks out. Tom goes to see Lynette and finds her undressing with Lee’s help, getting out of a bridesmaid dress for Renee’s wedding. It’s a perfectly innocent situation but Tom sees it differently.

The girls don’t think Gaby is taking Bree’s case serious enough and snub her as Lynette and Susan are having trouble sleeping with worry over the case. Susan and Lynette think about coming clean, but Gaby tells them now is the time to wait it out.  Bree is not sleeping either and Tripp drops by with donuts and a movie to help her relax the night before the big day.

At the trial, the prosecution hits Bree hard as the examination begins.  Gaby hears some gossip at the grocery store and desperately defends Bree.  An accident at home with her kids, brings Gaby to her senses as she realizes how bad the situation is.

Bree’s friends testify for her at the trial, but her own testimony may be the problem. The prosecution has obtained a copy of her suicide note, written the night Chuck was killed and talks of remorse and guilt. Tripp lets Bree know that he is aware that the victim is Gaby’s stepfather and tells her it is time to be honest even if it means betraying a friend. Gaby shows up to thank Bree for what she is doing.  As they hug, it is unsure how this may turn out for them, but one thing is clear – that an unpredictable and exciting finale is planned for next Sunday 9/8c, as ABC’s long standing rate busting hit television show “Desperate Housewives” airs its final two hour episode forever.