Phillip Phillips Wins “American Idol”

Many critics and fans of Phillip Phillips have given credit to his performance of “Home” as being one of the deciding factors in his win. The song, written by Drew Pearson, was originally written for Greg Holden, a British artist. However, it was later submitted to American Idol by Pulse Recordings, Pearson’s publishing company.

Pearson, who has worked with other American Idol contestants, like Lee DeWyze, Adam Lambert, Casey Abrams and others, spoke about the use of this song on the show. He said Pulse was able to pitch the song directly to Jimmy Iovine. Pearson said that Pulse and Iovine have shared a good business relationship, through Idol. He added that Iovine heard the song, loved it, and that was it.

The song garnered a hugely favorable response from the American Idol audience, as well. The thousands of audience members that got to hear the live performance jumped to their feet and starting clapping along to the music. Pearson, who was in the audience with them, said the moment had a surreal quality. He said it wasn’t just about watching Phillips, it was also about watching the audience’s response to him.

Pearson went on to say that he feels the song fit nicely into the sentiment of the evening. However, he also said the song wouldn’t have been his pick. He went on to explain that it was a little to “pop” for him, and that his music would be different. He said there would be acoustical sounds, mixed with jazz and other sounds. He also said it wouldn’t be rock-related as much as with other artists, or songs he has sung previously on the Idol. Phillips said that for him, it wasn’t really about the song, the words, or the audience. For him, it was about the journey that had brought him and the other American Idol contestants to that point.

He said he puts the music first, even when it comes to his female fans. He said that if they voted for him because they think he’s cute, they did it for the wrong reason. He said it’s all about the music. He said he wasn’t trying to be successful based on his looks.

Phillips also said he is proud that he stuck to his guns and didn’t change for anybody. In celebration of his recent crowning, Phillips said he went to a few parties, but that he feels he stayed too long, because he needed his sleep.

As of right now, Phillips declares that he will be ready for the tour after his surgery. He is going in for his ninth kidney surgery since the start of American Idol’s Season 11.

Season 11 was a record-breaking year for the Idol. This was the first time in eleven seasons that more than 130 million voters for one contestant. They all voted for Phillip Phillips. Not only was there a record-breaking voter participation, but it was for talent like Phillips, Sanchez and Ledet, the top remaining three contestants.