Why a Woman’s Diet Consists of Rocks on ABC’s “20/20”

While crunchy and earthy are not normal culinary descriptions for one’s favorite things to eat, Teresa Widener’s favorite snack crunches on her teeth as she eats rocks. This week’s episode of the cable TV show “20/20” spotlights Widener, the mother of two and a special needs teacher who says she likes the earthy flavor and crunchy feeling when she eats rocks.

According to Widener she does not wash them and sometimes sucks the dirt off the rocks she eats and other times she cracks the rocks into bite size pieces with a hammer.  Widener suffers from a behavioral and mental health condition called “pica.”  A clinical social worker and therapist, Dr Jordana Mansbacher, who holds a specialty in eating disorders to include pica, says patients who suffer from the condition will eat toilet paper, fabric, carpet, paper, wood, clothing, skin, and metal or just about anything. Continue reading

“Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” Recap

It is only four days until the fantasy wedding of Kim’s dreams arrives.  It is always hard to tell if a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot of something has occurred on this show.  This week I think that it was somewhere in between.

With only four days left Kim begins the show the way that she always does, talking to little baby KJ. She shares with him her woes over Jen’s apparent lack of commitment to Kim’s wedding and he could seemingly care less.  By that I mean that he is giggling away in his Spiderman garb while his mother complains complains complains. Continue reading

What’s Up with June and the Bubble Bath? Just Sex Episode of “Who’s the “B” in Apt 23”

June has sprung into spring cleaning mode.  However, Chloe’s shelf polish just happens to be feminine wash instead, so it probably won’t work very well. While cleaning out, June donates a bunch of her roommate’s old stuff to the yard sale that the Korean church is putting on. Later as she relaxes in a hot warm bubble bath, June starts fantasizing about the good looking guy who pops into the coffeehouse all the time. Well, maybe she does a little more than fantasize in that tub of bubbles.

June is devastated when Chloe walks in and catches her under the tub of bubbles.  She does confess that she has a huge crush on a most handsome “soy latte” guy that has perfect abs. The only bad thing is, the guy is dumber than a box of worms so June can’t get involved with him. Continue reading

All That Is Needed is a Little Respect in “The Middle”

Sue is devastated as she learns the Wrestlers won’t be pictured in the school yearbook because it has already gone to press. She is also bummed out because she never had her individual picture taken for it either. She is encouraged to pay the guidance counselor, Jane Marsh (guest star Whoopi Goldberg), a visit to see if she can help.  Jane is elated that a student wants to meet with her. Continue reading

It’s Cash and Burn Time On New ABC Episode of “Scandal”

Huck has figured out that Amanda Tanner has been kidnapped and offers details on how she was taken since he is experienced at this kind of thing. Olivia solicits David’s help in finding Amanda, but there a more important issue facing the team. A plane with 120 passengers onboard, including a US Senator, has crashed with no survivors. Olivia represents the pilot’s union as it appears the team will have their work cut out for them since pilot error is reportedly the cause of the crash.

As the black box is recovered, it reveals the last seconds before the crash and moves the airline to blaming the pilot, Lori Makelson, in order to protect the airline’s reputation and millions in lawsuits. Lori’s husband said she was a recovering alcoholic of 20 years, which does not look good since she was seen out partying the night before the crash. Continue reading

Interview With “American Idol” Contestant Colton Dixon

Fans of “American Idol” are sure to remember the unique, independent rocker, Colton Dixon. Although he was eliminated on the show’s eleventh season, his elimination doesn’t seem to have hindered his fame any.

Currently, he is on a press tour, talking about “American Idol”. During a recent interview, Colton spoke of his perceptions of the show, and how its portrayed. Continue reading

Phillip Phillips Wins “American Idol”

Many critics and fans of Phillip Phillips have given credit to his performance of “Home” as being one of the deciding factors in his win. The song, written by Drew Pearson, was originally written for Greg Holden, a British artist. However, it was later submitted to American Idol by Pulse Recordings, Pearson’s publishing company.

Pearson, who has worked with other American Idol contestants, like Lee DeWyze, Adam Lambert, Casey Abrams and others, spoke about the use of this song on the show. He said Pulse was able to pitch the song directly to Jimmy Iovine. Pearson said that Pulse and Iovine have shared a good business relationship, through Idol. He added that Iovine heard the song, loved it, and that was it. Continue reading

“The Walking Dead” Marathon On AMC

Get ready for complete zombie saturation. AMC, not wanting to leave you without all your zombie-fighting favorites for too long, has lined up a “The Walking Dead” marathon. This marathon is sure to reignite the Dead flame within fans, bringing it to peak levels with sneak peeks and premiering scenes. It is set to be held between July 7th and July 8th. Gear up for the blood, guts, rotting limbs and gore. It’s all there for you to watch, again.

Fans will also be able to see input from the Talking Dead, a live aftershow that premiered after the season two premier of episode one.  The cable television show includes appearances from celebrity fans, and TWD crew and cast members. During the show, the latest episode is discussed with fans and guests. There are also online polls, behind-scenes footage and trivia, and live feeds from social media. Fans can connect with Talking Dead through Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. Continue reading

Seeing the Good in it All – “Private Practice” – Gone Baby Gone

As soon as Amelia goes into labor, Jake admits her to the hospital. He lets all his colleagues know that she intends to donate all her baby’s organs, which sparks a huge debate of whether or not it is an ethically acceptable move. The problem is, there can’t be a declaration of brain death for a baby that has no brain, but if they wait for the baby to die naturally, then the organs will be no good.

It is Amelia’s choice not to take any medication as she lets Sheldon know she is having a unicorn baby, then kicks him out of the room. Jake will need Sam’s help to harvest the baby’s heart and lungs, but Sam does not agree with what Amelia is doing. He’s also letting his personal feelings come into play after catching Jake making out with Addison. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Considers Move to London

An online men’s lifestyle and finance magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian is planning a move to London and thinks that move would be a good way to repair her damaged image after the short marriage and breakup of the reality star and Kris Humphries.  Sources tend to agree that she needs a break from the criticism and expensive divorce from ex hubby and basketball star, Kris Humphries.

The online magazine goes on to relay that the real estate agent that gets the call to locate Kim Kardashian a home in London will be one lucky agent. Interestingly, the move to rebuild her image is being encouraged by her mother and manager, Kris Jenner. Kim’s mother feels that Kim’s divorce from Humphries which came only 72 days after the wedding and immediately drew strong opposition to the reality star, accusing her of faking the marriage just to increase her ratings and popularity was a huge hit to her reputation. Continue reading