MTV Renews “Teen Wolf”

MTV has announced that it will renew “Teen Wolf” for a second season. MTV also recently released a trailer that shows new characters, more drama and more blood. There also seems to be more romance, as well. At the end of the trailer, the announcer told the viewer to share the video. If five million views were registered, it would unlock the first ten minutes of the first episode of season two. The trailer had five million views. Due to the overwhelming response, viewers were able to see the first 10 minutes of the season premier.

The trailer opens with McCall holding Reed, his girlfriend as they sit on a roof. It flashes through several scenes and stops on Reed’s father trying to shoot McCall. She screams at her father, saying if he kills McCall, he kills her. Then there is the appearance of another werewolf, and a third supernatural being that is only revealed in the trailer as a shape-shifter and an abomination, whose existence may be solely for killing. It appears that the second werewolf is turning people, indiscriminately, causing trouble for both of them. Lines are being drawn in the sand, and sides are being picked, with Reed and McCall stuck in the middle. At the end of the trailer, the words The Instinct To… appear, with the words Love, Hunt, Run, Protect and Kill, appearing behind them.  The trailer ends with the words Trust the Instinct.

Tyler Posey is scheduled to return as the show’s resident werewolf, Scott McCall. The season two premier will be shown in two parts. Part one, episode one of season two, will air on June 3, at 11:00 pm. Part 2 of episode one, season two, will air on June 4, at 10:00 pm. After its premier, “Teen Wolf” will air at 10:00 pm, on Monday nights.

“Teen Wolf”’s first season offered a look at small town living. McCall was an average 16 year old that received a bite from some kind of animal in the woods. After the bite, his hearing increased to supersonic proportions and he doesn’t understand why he has bouts of rage. While McCall is trying to put the pieces together, he discovers another werewolf, based on clues gleaned from a local homicide. The other werewolf, he thinks, is Derek.

Season one also introduced Allison Reed as Allison Argent. She moves into town and McCall has an immediate connection with her. Unfortunately, the two are dating before McCall realizes Argent’s family has a past, too. They are werewolf hunters.

Derek denies the charge that he was the one that turns McCall into a werewolf. This leads the two on a search for the “Alpha” wolf. The Alpha is discovered in season one, episode nine, as being Derek’s burnt uncle. He was burned and permanently hospitalized in a house fire some years prior. Season one also saw the turning of Lydia, and McCalls attempt to win Argent back.

Five million views on the trailer says fans can’t wait for season two to start.