More Drama On “Grey’s Anatomy”

In “Owen Owns Up,” the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Owen does exactly that to Cristina.  In the last episode we were left off knowing that Owen had cheated on Cristina after she had aborted their baby, but we did not know why.  This week’s episode starts off with Owen and Cristina holed up in their apartment after telling the people at Seattle Grace that they were sick with the flu.

Christina demands that Owen tell her absolutely everything about the one night stand, so he does.  Post-couples therapy after the abortion disaster Owen encountered a lady who had a friend in a connected case and Owen ended up saving this lady’s friend’s life. The pair ended up going to a bar for a drink after the stressful events of the day and ended up having one too many. On the way out the lady began to beg Owen to kiss her, but he told her he was married.  She kept begging over and over and he kept saying that he was married.

At this point in the show Cristina throws herself on the bed and then runs off to the bathroom and locks herself in there.  Owen is trying to get into the bathroom, eventually almost violently until Cristina finally opens the door and starts laughing like a maniac.  She notes how she should be studying for her boards exams and instead she is crying over a stupid boy.

Frustrated, Cristina declares that it would have been way better if Owen had just fallen in love with the lady rather than simply have a quick fling and then come back. Then she questions why he did it in the first place and realizes that he did it to hurt her because she aborted their unborn child.  When Owen does not say anything Cristina repeats this revelation as it sinks in.

They decide to have Owen leave, and as he does he tells Cristina that she is the love of his life and that he could never love another.  Cristina seems too shocked/upset to say anything other than the fact that Owen could not remember the girl’s name.

After Owen leaves Meredith and Cristina end up talking on the phone.  Meredith, being the sole contact of Cristina throughout this rendezvous, tells Cristina that she will stay on the phone for as long as she needs to, until Cristina hangs up.  Finally Cristina leaves the apartment and heads over to Meredith’s house where the fifth-years are all studying for the boards together.

The fifth-year residents are so consumed by the boards that they get Lexie who has a photographic memory to study ancient case files and quiz the residents on their details later on.  In the meantime Meredith starts her own study group that she calls the Grey Method.

More drama ensues when the former chief of Seattle Grace Sloan told Webber who was the current chief that he should not go ahead with a surgery on a patient because of something potentially wrong with the liver, but Webber went ahead with the surgery anyways because it would save the patient’s life.