McClusky Offers the Girls on Wisteria Lane Her Love as Her Last Will – The End Final Episode

Poor Karen McClusky has gotten worse, to the point she needs to go to hospice care. Roy just can’t handle her needs by himself, but Karen wants to die at home. The ladies on the Lane pitch in to help Roy by taking turns. Bree, Lynette, Susan, and Gaby vow to help Karen to the end. Karen knows the girls are not just her neighbors, they are also her friends.

Bree’s murder trial is getting scary, leaving Carlos wanting to come clean, but Gaby refuses to let him. Ben refuses to answer questions and is held in contempt. When Bree confides in Ben, the prosecutor records the conversation as she confesses about the night of the murder. The prosecutor then blackmails Renee in order to get the conviction of Bree.

When Karen hears Gaby telling Carlos she is going to confess to the murder to clear  Bree, she pulls together enough strength to testify, telling the court that she is the one who committed the murder. The prosecution drops the charges against Bree, and they refuse to prosecute a dying woman, Karen.

Lynette gets all spiffed up for Tom who is coming by to discuss something important. She is devastated to hear Tom say he is moving on and filing for divorce.  She now knows it was not Jane, Tom doesn’t want to be married to her, but tells her she was the love of his life as the two share their thought to be last passionate kiss in the middle of the street.

The girls are shocked to find out that Susan is leaving the Lane as an old neighbor, Katherine Mayfair, returns to open up a successful food distribution company and wants Lynette to head it up, the New York Division that is. When Lynette decides she has to try the job, Tom realizes, she will never be happy as she has been looking her life long for something that will make her complete.

Carlos teaches Gaby a lesson by hiring a sexy young gardener.  Gaby is upset and tells Carlos that he should not make light of the most shameful time of her life.  They vow to never drift apart again.

Renee’s wedding dress is ruined by Julie’s water breaking in the limo on the way to the church. They swing by Gaby’s store to get a new dress as Susan takes the limo to drive Julie to the hospital. Renee and Gaby run to the wedding since they stole the wedding dress.

Tripp comes to the reception letting Bree know that her flaws only make her human as he drags her to the dance floor trying to get up the courage to ask her for a date.  Her kiss is his answer.

Lynette decides to give a speech, a supposed toast to Renee and Ben, but it is really about her love for Tom and how she really is happy. Tom makes the decision to go to New York with her.

As Roy plays “Wonderful, Wonderful” for Karen, the scene flows through a series of moments near the end including Julie in her final stages of labor, Renee and Ben leaving on their honeymoon, Gaby and Carlos dancing with their kids as a family, and Tom and Lynette rushing to witness the birth of their first grandchild. As Karen dies, a new life is born as Julie has her baby.

The ladies play one last hand of poker and vow to get together from time to time. The 9 season series ends with Lynette moving to New York to become a successful CEO as she and Tom buy a penthouse overlooking Central Park. Gaby and Carlos get a mansion in California as Gaby gets her own TV show on Home Shopping Network. Bree becomes a state senator after her marriage to Tripp and moves to Kentucky. Susan takes her last spin around the neighborhood to see the ghosts of the past, leading her to the knowledge that every life is wonderful.

The end.  What a wonderful ride!