Lohan’s Legal Worries Continue

Lindsay Lohan seems to remain the center of some controversy. The child star recently earned her freedom from supervised probation, but remains on unsupervised probation through the state of California.

Seeming extremely happy when she assured the judge that she would stay out of trouble, Lohan left the court room triumphantly, with plans to star in a movie, and to guest host on Saturday Night Live. However, recent accusations have surfaced that Lohan was involved in a case of assault, at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood during the first week of April, 2012.

The accuser of the alleged assault, Marisa Dugas, claims that Lohan assaulted her by pushing her. However, investigations into the allegations suggest that Lohan wasn’t even at the hotel on the night the assault supposedly happened. When hotel employees were interviewed, six of them, several of which worked on the night in question, claimed there was no Lohan in sight, or even rumors of the starlet being there circulating. Also, there have been no photos to surface of Lohan in that area that night. She can’t be seen around the hotel, or even in the general area.

In her defense, Lohan says she was at home, watching TV. She also said she felt a bit frustrated by the whole affair, since she felt she was in trouble for something she didn’t do. She said even when she stayed home to stay out of trouble, it seemed to find her.

Furthermore, Lohan, and her attorney, Shawn Holley, let it be known they were going to the police to request that Marisa Dugas be investigated for filing a false report. If found guilty of filing a false report, Dugas could spend up to six months in jail.

Whether for publicity, or just as a means to defend his client, Mark Haushalter, Dugas’ lawyer, spoke out on Good Day L.A. against Lohan. He claims she is lying, pointing to her background as proof. He said that since she has been proven a liar before, due to her criminal record and her past drug and alcohol abuse, she can only be considered a liar now. He said, also, that she spews lies.

Since this is not a viable legal defense, Haushalter still has the task of producing proof of the alleged assault. Dugas, his client, has provided photographs of her back, where there are visible bruises. There is nothing yet, however, to tie her bruises to Lohan.

Most recently, in the last 24 hours, one hotel employee came forward to say he had actually witnessed the fight first-hand, and stepped in to intervene. According to this employee, Dugas sat down uninvited at Lohan’s table. Other people seated at the table began throwing ice at her. A physical altercation broke out, with Lohan’s involvement. The employee said Lohan was not seen because she entered and left the hotel through a back entrance. The LA County Sheriff’s Department has requested the video footage the hotel supposedly has of that night, but they have not received it yet.