Kermit-Maynard Connection Better Than Dates on Bachelorette

Good luck with getting through to that heart as there did not seem to be a lot of chemistry on either side in this week’s episode of the bachelorette, unless it was between Emily and Kermit. Talk about a dull group of guys, and what happened to the good looking ones?

Ryan was the season’s first date. Instead of the normal glamorous first date, Emily takes Ryan to her house to help her bake the cookies for Ricki’s soccer team snack, making him wear a frilly apron as they made the cookie dough and asking him to sit in the car while she dropped off the juice and cookies to her daughter.  Booorrriiiiiinnnnggg! While it is important for Emily to introduce futuristic possibilities into her way of life, should it be on the first date?  Really? Producers better get going on something here or they will lose the viewers fast on this season.

Ryan actually handled the situation in a noble way, playing right along with Emily for the tasks. Later as they went out to dinner and had a sexy dance, he offered all the right answers to her antagonizing questions about a possible future with her and Ricki. He might be a pretty good match for Ems, and she gave him a rose even though she said he might be too perfect. There was just something missing here… passion.

Ryan gets a negative nod from some of the bachelors as he tried to get more time with Emily after already having a rose. Tony, a single dad was hanging out in he near distance as Ems read a seven page letter from Ryan to Emily that was signed “Love in Christ.” Ryan may be the William Holman of this season if he continues to alienate himself from the other guys.

Poor Joe was a really nice guy, but simply could not muster up any connection as his love clock struck out. He seems like a cool guy with lots of personality, but had a vibe that just could not mix well with Emily’s southern charm.

Speaking of not mixing, rich guy Kalon is the season villain. He first shows up in a helicopter which impressed no one. He speaks well, carries expensive luggage, has a weird name and basically acts like a jerk!

It seems that while Kalon is out of touch with parenthood, Doug may have gone a little overboard with his criticism of his comments, especially since it is true that these single parents do put their kids and families on hold for eight long weeks for something that probably won’t work out anyway. It’s hard to tell if the comment hit home with Doug, or he was trying to use it as a protective front to impress Emily.

It is also apparent that Steve is cutting off his nose to spite his face with his anti-Kalon attitude. Kalon may be irritating, bit Steve’s comments about his money is immature and petty.  These guys are acting like little kids. Grow up!

As for the men, Kermit was the most exciting bachelor all night. He might just be the last man standing and who knows, Miss Piggy might be the next bachelorette!