Johnny Depp Stars In “Dark Shadows”

Johnny Depp is one of the most well-known actors of his generation. He has warmed, charmed and repulsed viewers world-wide with the variety of characters he has played. In a recent collaboration with Tim Burton, Depp played a vampire named Barnabas Collins that has come back to life in the remake of “Dark Shadows”.

Reviews for the character’s look have garnered no response from Depp or Burton, as of yet. However, initially, the look that was chosen for Barnabas Collins has not gone over well with the general public. The finished movie was just released in theaters.

This collaboration comes after the pair has teamed up on other projects. Depp worked with Burton in 2005 for the remake of the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory“, in which Depp played a newer version of Willy Wonka. Originally, Gene Wilder played the part of Willy Wonka. Depp, in the remake, added his own sinister twist to the traditionally loveable character.

Depp recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, to a very friendly reception and cheers from the audience. Ellen was asking him questions about the life he seemed to be able to bring to the characters he plays. More specifically, she asked about where he got the inspiration for certain characters, like Willy Wonka. Depp surprised and delighted the crowd with his unexpected and unconventional response.

He said that normally, within the first ten pages of a script, something about the character would hit him, or it would click. He said in the case of his portrayal of Willy Wonka, he imagined that Wonka would look like former president George Bush, if George Bush was really stoned. He added, with a smile, that was how his vision of Wonka was born.

After the audience erupted in laughter, Ellen said she was sure everyone would have to rewatch the movie now, and that she would be sure to.

Depp also commented on his other characters and the personal experiences or associations that gave him inspiration for them.

Ellen mentioned Edward Scissorhands, and Depp said with that character, he tried to portray the attributes of a dog and a newborn baby. He said he wanted to show the unconditional love that a dog has with the qualities that a newborn baby has.

Ellen revealed that she had wanted to see him on her show for quite some time, and that she had actually bought him something in anticipation of his appearance. Then she pulled something out of a white paper bag and handed it to him, telling him to open it. She said she bought these gifts at the mall. When Depp opened his present, an image was shown on the flat screens behind them. It was the image of two bracelets that read “Johnny and Ellen”. Depp bent over and gave Ellen a kiss, with cat calls from the audience.

Depp also revealed that he does not like to dance. He said he would rather swallow a bag of hair than dance.