It’s Cash and Burn Time On New ABC Episode of “Scandal”

Huck has figured out that Amanda Tanner has been kidnapped and offers details on how she was taken since he is experienced at this kind of thing. Olivia solicits David’s help in finding Amanda, but there a more important issue facing the team. A plane with 120 passengers onboard, including a US Senator, has crashed with no survivors. Olivia represents the pilot’s union as it appears the team will have their work cut out for them since pilot error is reportedly the cause of the crash.

As the black box is recovered, it reveals the last seconds before the crash and moves the airline to blaming the pilot, Lori Makelson, in order to protect the airline’s reputation and millions in lawsuits. Lori’s husband said she was a recovering alcoholic of 20 years, which does not look good since she was seen out partying the night before the crash.

Luckily, an attending flight attendant verified that Makelson was not drinking at the party and Olivia gets that word out. Stephen finds that the latest inspection report of the plane before the crash was a duplicate. The real report had found something wrong with the rudder. The airline wants to know what happened, and as it turns out, a lady who was under pressure to get her paperwork done, doctored the report without realizing it would lead to a plane crash and lives being lost.

Meanwhile, surveillance footage reveals who is behind Amanda’s abduction. He is known as Charlie, although that is not his real name. Huck reports to the team that he knows Amanda Tanner is dead due to his conversation with Charlie. Olivia goes out to the men that are tailing her every move and tells them lets them to let the president know that she now knows what he did.

Amanda’s father shows up at the office and wants to know where he daughter is.  Quinn assures him everything will be okay, but that is before she finds out that Amanda is dead. The president acts surprised as well, and he assures Olivia he did not do it.  She tells him if not, then he knows who did and is just as responsible for what he had Cyrus do.

Olivia wants Huck to help locate Amanda’s body. Although he doesn’t do this work anymore, he obliges her. He ambushes Charlie and tortures him until he gets the information he needs. After he relays it to Olivia, she has David send out a diving team to the 14th Street bridge where they pull Amanda’s body out of the water.

Meanwhile, Amanda’s father is grief stricken and although hurting herself, Olivia tries to comfort Huck. He is not only dealing with the death, but is having trouble with himself and how he got the info, the reason he doesn’t do that kind of work any more.

David tells Olivia that the coroner is calling Amanda’s death a suicide, but suspects Olivia knows more than she will reveal. He is determined to get to the truth.

As the episode closes, the president asks his secret service to help him slip out of the White House. Olivia gets a call from Stephen revealing that Amanda’s baby was not Fritz’s. As she is trying to process this information, the President knocks on her door. Does she invite him in?