Interview With “American Idol” Contestant Colton Dixon

Fans of “American Idol” are sure to remember the unique, independent rocker, Colton Dixon. Although he was eliminated on the show’s eleventh season, his elimination doesn’t seem to have hindered his fame any.

Currently, he is on a press tour, talking about “American Idol”. During a recent interview, Colton spoke of his perceptions of the show, and how its portrayed.

Colton said he felt the reality competition was more like a television show. He pointed at attempts the show made to exaggerate the friendship between him and Skylar Laine, making it seem like a romance, more than a friendship. Or the situation with Jimmy Iovine, Colton’s mentor on the show, as Iovine seemed to make constant comparisons between Colton and his fellow competitor, Phillip Phillips.

Colton was commended for his work on “American Idol”. It was said that Colton made strong choices in music and song selections. Colton said the he felt his ability to adapt songs to fit his musical styling and to rework them was something he felt was a strong point for him.

He went on to say that there were several contestants that could outsing him, hands down. He said he has an ok voice, but that “American Idol” was more about seeing the whole package, rather than just the best singer.

Dixon Colton was asked to share his thoughts on who would be the season eleven winner for “American Idol”. Colton said he felt that it was anyone’s game, and there was room in the race for a dark horse. He also said that he was as curious as anyone else as to who was going to take this thing home, but that he honestly had no clue as to who that would be.

He was also asked about if he thought the judges would have used their save for him. He said he hoped that they would have, but he was glad they used it for Jessica. He felt she deserved it, and that she is going to do great things. He went on to add that he thinks the judges would have, but that no one would ever know, now.

Colton also responded to a remark made by Chris Daughtry. In the comment, Daughtry said that it was better for Colton’s career for him to be eliminated, since it allowed Colton to hold on to his rocker image. Colton said he wasn’t sure if he agreed. He said winning provides many, many opportunities that he and five other people were not going to get. He went on to say he did understand what Chris was saying, but that it would have been nice to win. At the same time, he said he felt that by not winning, it gave him flexibility on what he can and can’t do.

Dixon also offered some advice for American Idol’s potential competitors. He said to always be true to yourself, no matter who was trying to tell you to do this or that, or the other.