Hal Kanter Tribute From The Writers Guild of America West

Hal Kanter will receive a tribute for his amazing achievements in the entertainment world during his career. While Kanter died at the age of 92, his work will be remembered by future generations for years to come.

The Writers Guild of America West will hold a ceremony for Hal Kanter on May 6 of 2012. It will be held on that Sunday, at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

Kanter was well-known for his work as a writer for the Academy Awards. He wrote for them for 33 years. Kanter also wrote for the Emmys, as well as for several radio and television talk shows. Along with his writing duties, Kanter acted as spokesman or MC for the Writers Guild awards, the Directors Guild Awards and other industry events for decades.

Kanter is also noted as being the creator of a the first TV show that portrayed an African American as a character that was not a domestic in the household. “Julia” was a situation comedy that starred Diahann Carroll. Julia Baker, Carroll’s character, was a young professional that had been widowed, and is left with a young son to take care of. The role of the son, Corey, was played by Marc Copage. On the show, Julia Baker was a nurse. The show debuted in the 1960’s, on NBC. It ran for three seasons. When Kanter took some criticism for the show’s lack of political or racial platform, Kanter reminded critics that the show was a comedy, for entertainment, and nothing more.

Kanter will be remembered for his other creations for television, such as the George Gobel Show, Cico and the Man, All in the Family, and The Jimmy Stewart Show. This was the considered some of the best television programming of its time.

Hal Kanter also helped with movies, partnering up with Tennessee Williams for “The Rose Tattoo” screenplay in 1955. Kanter went on to do work for the movie “Road to Bali”, as well as other Bob Hope and Bing Crosby productions. Kanter went on to collaborate with Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin’s movies, “Artists and Models”, Pocket Full of Miracles” and “Move Over, Darling”.

One of the most famous stars Kanter had the opportunity to work perhaps, was Elvis. He directed a movie starring Elvis Presley in 1957. The movie “Loving You” was one he helped co-write, among others.

Hal Kanter will not only be remembered for his talent, but for the stars he was able to work with, and the contributions he made to their careers.

At the ceremony held in tribute to Hal Kanter, professionals in the industry will have an opportunity to honor him for the contributions he made to their careers, as well.
Among those that plan to be at his tribute are Howard A Rodman, WGAW Vice President and writer, director Arthur Hiller, Bruce Davis, formerly the AMPAS Executive Director, Carl Reiner, comedian and director, and Shelly Bermann, also a comedian.

Hal Kanter died on November 8, 2011 due to complications with pneumonia. He died at the Encino Hospital.