“GCB” Cooks Up Adam and Eve’s Rib

The ninth episode opens with Carlene sharing her virtual presentation for her Condos for Christian Living and the fact that they can build them in Oklahoma instead of Mexico. Ripp tells her he must ask his partners, but needs to focus on the barbeque first.

At the church, the GCB talk about the annual barbeque competition and it seems that they are all to busy to help. When Amanda heard Ripp and Burls telling her daughter Laura she can’t compete as it is an all men competition, she jumps on stage while Carlene concludes her prayer and tells the crowd she is starting an all women’s barbeque team. Carlene is irate and tells Ripp she will make sure Amanda doesn’t have a team.

Meanwhile, Cricket meets with sexy Mason, the rich owner of the stud service she needs for her mare. Cricket is professional but Mason flirts as she allows him to get the upper hand in the negotiations for a higher price.

Amanda is disappointed that no one has signed up for the women’s barbeque team. She learns Carlene is holding a spa day for the ladies on the same day as the barbeque. Amanda solicits Heather for the team, but she turns her down.  Sharon asks Zack why he put up a car for the prize when the dealership is not doing well.  He tells her it is good advertisement. He tells her to stay out of his business…..bad mistake.

Luke shows up as Amanda is struggling with her brisket and offers some pointers. Amanda puts him on the road so she can do this on her own. Gigi finds Amanda down on her luck and offers to help. She told Amanda her daddy said the smoke was the key so they set off to find the traditional wood for the smoke.

Cricket and Mason’s flirting session is cut short as her security calls that there is an intruder on the property. As Amanda and Gigi make their way through the woods to find the pecan trees that her daddy always used, they are greeted with the wrong end of Cricket’s shotgun as they are on her property. Amanda begs Cricket and she gives in as she shoots a branch from the tree and tells Amanda to take all she wants.

Carlene has bought all the high quality meat in town to help Ripp win, but wonders if Ripp is working on her condo deal. Carlene is furious when she learns Ripp voted to keep the condos in Mexico.

Amanda gets the butcher to find her some meat as long as she lets Heather pick it up. Heather has decided to be part of the barbeque team as has Sharon (on the condition that if they win, she gets the car the Zack donated). Carlene feels bad for Amanda after she ruins her meat and decides to join too to get back at Ripp.

The men are shocked to see their wives have joined the team. Zack feels less of a man when Sharon knocks out the man that Zack hits for talking ugly to his wife. The women’s team is elated as Burl announces that the ladies team has won.  Amanda is proud to teach her daughter that she can accomplish anything she wants. Carlene lets Ripp know she will now be CEO of her project and the condos will stay in America, but Ripp tells Carlene that the Lord told him to put the condos in Mexico. Carlene falls for his trickery and she can’t argue with God.

Cricket tries to resist Mason by telling him she loves her husband, but he plants a kiss on her that leaves her breathless and she wants more.

Amanda places a call to Luke that the ladies won and apologizes for blowing him off. Luke gets a call and has to go as Ripp is on the line.  Luke was lying to Amanda about where he was.  Tune in to the season finale next Sunday night on ABC 10/9c to find out what Ripp and Luke are up to.