Former “Prison Break” Star Catches a Break of His Own

Event actor and former Prison Break star, Lane Garrison, is for the moment catching a break of his own as he has not yet been charged with an arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence last Saturday. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles DA’s office met with Garrison’s attorney to review the case.  The incident could put Lane in a bad position as he is on parole for an earlier conviction.

Beverly Hills Police responded to a domestic violence report Saturday where 31 year old Garrison was the perpetrator. He was not still at the victim’s residence when police arrived at the call location, but they caught up with him the next day at his place as they took him into custody. Garrison is currently being kept in jail under a 50 thousand dollar bail.

The arrest could be mean trouble for former “Prison Break” star who is on parole after he previously served an 18 month stint in prison for a car accident in which a high-school student was killed while riding in his car as he was under the influence of alcohol.  New charges just might put him back into prison as he has violated his terms of release from that earlier conviction. With only six days left, Garrison would have completed his parole violation period, due to end on April 29, 2012.

While this is not the first time the former “Prison Break” star has been rumored to have had involvement of domestic violence, Beverly Hills Police reported an earlier incident in February at the former girlfriend’s apartment. At that time, 25 year old Ashley Mattingly placed a 911 call about him with no arrest being made at that time.

Playboy star and blond beauty has reportedly had a more than rocky relationship with Garrison for a long while now.  A friend close to the couple described the courtship as horrible and a train wreck waiting to happen. It has also been reported that Lane’s friends have tried to talk him into leaving her.

The latest incident between the two happened when Garrison accompanied the blond beauty to the Playboy Mansion.  Garrison was reportedly intoxicated and kept hovering over Hugh Heffner at the Mansion. Garrison slept in his car that night and the two got into a physical fight that yielded her a knot of the head and many bruises after she returned to her home the next day. Mattingly intends to press charges unless Garrison agrees to go to rehab.

An attorney for Garrison, Harland Braun, commented that Garrison did not harm Ashley but had tried to calm her down after an argument over a failed relationship. He said that Mattingly started acting irrational after Garrison put his hands on her shoulders to guide her into a chair.

Garrison may have dodged a bullet on this one as the Los Angeles DA reported that the arrest should not affect his parole stemming from a 2007 vehicular manslaughter conviction which is to end Sunday. Garrison spent 18 months of incarceration for the conviction that killed a 17 year old boy in a DUI crash in which Garrison was the driver.