“Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding” Recap

It is only four days until the fantasy wedding of Kim’s dreams arrives.  It is always hard to tell if a whole lot of nothing or a whole lot of something has occurred on this show.  This week I think that it was somewhere in between.

With only four days left Kim begins the show the way that she always does, talking to little baby KJ. She shares with him her woes over Jen’s apparent lack of commitment to Kim’s wedding and he could seemingly care less.  By that I mean that he is giggling away in his Spiderman garb while his mother complains complains complains.

Things go from bad to worse when Kim finds out that her outdoor plans may be hindered.  See, she wants to cover the pool in the backyard and have a gazebo over the jacuzi where she and Kroy will actually get married.  But instead the wedding planners want to erect a tent in case of bad weather.  Kim is not having this.

She immediately calls Cowie’s assistant, Alexi s, and bitches her out (to be kind).  She then relays her unhappiness with the tent and demands it be taken down.  In the meantime she calls in her assistant Nikki, procedes to bitch at her and orders to her something…anything really.

Later when Jen is actually there Kim begins telling her the woes of planning this wedding.  However, she is thoroughly insulted when Jen leaves midways through the complaint fest after receiving a phone call and does not return.

Kim decides to give Kroy a present that is anything but conventional.  She has decided to paint Kroys jersey on her naked torso and have pictures of herself taken to give to him later.

Kim’s friends show up to take her someplace mysterious which we soon find out is her bridal shower.  Kim is extremely disappointed when Jen doesn’t show up and also doesn’t call.  That doesn’t mean that Kim didn’t have a good time talking about her to Kandi who drove an hour just to be there.

The two are appropriately inappropriate in front of Kroy’s Mother and sister when talking about the nude shoot that Kim recently did for Kroy as well as the present that Kandi got for Kim.

Kim admits her regret for not having Kandi be a part of the bridal shower but offers her a spot in her wedding singing at the reception.

Later that evening Kroy and Kim talk about Jen and her absence.  He vows to take care of it.

The following day Kim and the bridal party have an outing go carting and doing fun little activities.  Strangely Jen is actually there.  But, it is awkward because Kim is too angry to talk to her.  So, of course she sends Kroy to do the deed.  He politely tells her off and refuses to let her speak when she tries to defend herself.

Next week Jen sends Kim text messages that leave her in tears and Kim finally reveals her real hair…gasp!