Derek And Maria Are Heating Up “Dancing With The Stars”

Maria Menounos and her on-screen dance partner, Derek Hough, are juicing it up for viewers, with two stage kisses and time spent together, up close and personal, in dance practice. If viewers didn’t know better, the two would look like an item, on stage and off. However, Menounos has a boyfriend, and has had one for ten years.

Menounos has been in a relationship with director Kevin Undergaro for more than a decade. However, its not well-known, like other Hollywood romances, because Undergaro doesn’t like being in the spotlight.

In an interview with news sources, Undergaro recently opened up a little to answer some of those pressing questions, such as what he thinks about his extremely attractive girlfriend kissing on another man.

Undergaro’s response was professional. He said it doesn’t bother him because that’s just the nature of the business. He said its no different to him than if she was acting in a movie. To him, it’s a role she plays. He said he‘s fine with it.

When he was asked about the red carpet events and public appearances he hasn’t made, his response was honest and to the point. He simply stated he does not like the press, and that he does not like the spotlight. Therefore, he avoids both. He continued on to explain that fame is not for him. He said that he won’t be seen a lot in the audience, while Maria is performing on Dancing with the Stars, but he is there. He watches her performances from her trailer. When he does go to red carpet events, he says, he enters, and leaves from a side or back door.

He also stated that he does not normally do interviews. The last one he did was some time ago with Howard Stern. Undergaro said that Stern is his idol, and that Stern was the only one that could have gotten him to do an interview over the radio.

He and Maria met when he was still writing for MTV on the hit show “Singled Out”. He and Maria met when he had to fly to Boston to work on the movie “In the Land of Merry Misfits”. She was a personal assistant on the movie.

Undergaro also talked about the website he and Maria started together. He mentioned that they had started it in fun, but that there has been some major success that went with it. The website talks about TV programs and talk radio. The site covers talk radio shows, and cable programming, no matter what kind of programs they are.

He said the site started out small, but that it has grown to have more than 120 hosts, with 40 shows a week. Undergaro also revealed that they just partnered with a Bing, a professional search engine.

For him and Maria, the fun is in the fact that they can do it together, and that they both love it.

In the meantime, fans can watch her dance with her on-screen partner, with Dancing with the Stars.