Chaos Strikes and Tensions Elevate for the Officers of 15 – “Rookie Blue”

The officers are having a great time an the annual street-ball tournament, but tensions turn chaotic as people learn that Officer Dov Epstein has shot a kid that was reportedly unarmed and lived in the neighborhood.

Officer Epstein is living out his life’s dream with his wonderful job, great friends and a fabulous girlfriend.  He is loving life as he drops by a corner supermarket store to grab something to satisfy his sweet tooth.  The bad news is, he walks in on a robbery already in progress.  He draws his gun as a person in a hoodie hides behind the counter.  He takes out his radio and calls for backup.  Chris shows up at the scene and pulls the clerk out of the way. When the kid pops up from behind the counter and points something at Dov, Dov shoots, the boy falls to the floor, and blood is pouring out everywhere.

Paramedics show up and work diligently to save the kid. Dov claims the suspect had a gun, but they can not find a weapon in the store. When they question the clerk, he is no help as he declares that what he saw was a white cop that shot a black kid. As Dov listens to what is going on, he realizes that his career is in jeopardy because internal affairs will wonder if this was a racially motivated shooting. Matters are even more complicated when they learn that the kid died in surgery.

The officers of unit 15 are briefed that they could be trouble with the upcoming street-ball tourney. Noelle is tired of not being able to work with her fellow officers and lets Frank know that she is pregnant, not made of glass. She trades with Traci so she can hit the streets to help keep the peace at the tournament.

Meanwhile, Frank meets up with an old acquaintance, Roland. Roland has recently been released on parole, and Frank begins to wonder if the kid who was shot was actually killed by a cop. As Frank orders the crowd to be cleared at the tournament and gets his brain rattled when Roland cleans his clock.  Noelle is shoved down during the scuffle, but Roland’s friends back off when the other police officers step in. Roland swears that he helped Frank out and wants them to acknowledge it.  Frank has other plans for Roland.

Andy believes that the store clerk had a gun behind the counter.  He might be lying about it since it would violate his parole. Traci tries something she learned in one of her night classes. She had Dov relive the shooting which leads to the fact that Dov may not have been the only once to shoot a gun. Andy finds a gun hole in the wall behind where Dov was standing. While this helps, they still need the weapon that shot the kid.

Since Dov could not see behind the counter, they suspect someone else was behind the counter and took off out the back door with the weapon. When Andy and Sam track down the kid’s friend, he is packing a gun that matches the slug at the store. Dov is off the hook.

Back at the station, Traci gets put in the rotation.  Gail sets rules for the relationship with Nick, and Sam shares with Andy that Dove would not have been cleared without her dedication. Noelle admits to Frank that she was afraid for herself and the baby on the street and will continue to do desk duty until the baby comes. Dove heads home after a long ordeal on the job he loves.