3 Things You Didn’t Know About Hannibal

hannibalNBC’s Hannibal written by Bryan Fuller (of Pushing Daisies fame) is a surprising sleeper hit. Although the show performed only modestly in the ratings, its critical praise and growing fan appeal have led it to become one an almost “cult hit” TV series. The show, which is set to release its second season in 2014, explores the backstory of Will Graham and the infamous Hannibal Lecter. The show’s strange, sometimes surreal storylines are just one of the reasons for its cult popularity.

Whether you’re a newfound Hannibal fan or a dedicated Fannibal, here are 3 things that you might not know about this delicious new TV show.

Every episode in the first season is named after a meal course.


Watchers of the show may have noticed that the episode titles were all in French–but did you know that each episode was actually named after a French word for a meal course? For example: Apéritif, the title of the first episode, are dry drinks or snacks served before a meal in order to stimulate appetite.

The show’s first episode made a deliberate wink towards “The Hulk.”

In the first episode, the character of Will Graham says: “Please don’t psychoanalyze me. You wouldn’t like me when I’m psychoanalyzed.” The quote is a clever nod to The Hulk. But the connection goes even deeper. In The Incredible Hulk film, the titular character was played by Edward Norton–who played Will Graham in the 2002 film adaptation of Red Dragon.

The show has a food stylist.hannibal-actor

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but Hannibal is a show with plenty of cooking scenes and food dishes. Most of the food in the show is prepared by Hannibal Lecter, who is—usually through suggestion rather than any distinctive violence—usually serving up something a little more extraordinary than cow or chicken. The haute couture food in the show is actually created by a “food stylist,” who has the difficult task of creating edible food that can safely last under hours of studio lights and retakes, but also looks like human flesh, organs and other bits. Click here to check out this and other great television programming right now.

Star Wars

Star Wars Timeline

Star Wars

Star Wars
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Star Wars fans will love this great movie timeline! Check out all the best moments of the Star Wars Movies franchise!

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Henry Hill Dies At 69

Henry Hill was the inspiration for Martin Scorsese’s “Goodfellas” mobster. Henry Hill recently died at the age of 69, after a long battle with a serious illness. The nature of the sickness was not released to the public. He died in a hospital in Los Angeles, California. Hill’s girlfriend, Lisa, said that Hill had been sick for quite some time and that his heart had finally given out. Scorsese based one of his characters for the movie “Goodfellas” on Hill. In the movie “Goodfellas”, a crime family was seen making away with $5 million and jewelry that totaled $875,000. For the time, that was a record heist, and it was performed at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1978. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Offering Up Lots of “C” Shots This Week

While Kim Kardashian may not reveal many of her personal assets, her famous curves have no trouble being translated across all kinds of cultures as she has certainly been caught in some racy snapshots this week showing off her big wiggly tweets.

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Chaos Strikes and Tensions Elevate for the Officers of 15 – “Rookie Blue”

The officers are having a great time an the annual street-ball tournament, but tensions turn chaotic as people learn that Officer Dov Epstein has shot a kid that was reportedly unarmed and lived in the neighborhood.

Officer Epstein is living out his life’s dream with his wonderful job, great friends and a fabulous girlfriend.  He is loving life as he drops by a corner supermarket store to grab something to satisfy his sweet tooth.  The bad news is, he walks in on a robbery already in progress.  He draws his gun as a person in a hoodie hides behind the counter.  He takes out his radio and calls for backup.  Chris shows up at the scene and pulls the clerk out of the way. When the kid pops up from behind the counter and points something at Dov, Dov shoots, the boy falls to the floor, and blood is pouring out everywhere. Continue reading

Why a Woman’s Diet Consists of Rocks on ABC’s “20/20”

While crunchy and earthy are not normal culinary descriptions for one’s favorite things to eat, Teresa Widener’s favorite snack crunches on her teeth as she eats rocks. This week’s episode of the cable TV show “20/20” spotlights Widener, the mother of two and a special needs teacher who says she likes the earthy flavor and crunchy feeling when she eats rocks.

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