“Body of Proof” is Playing “Mind Games”

An 18 year old college freshman is found dead in an alleyway after she is seen throwing down shots and kissing numerous guys in a college bar. The kisses were not the girl’s promiscuity shining through, but the result of Niki’s pledge to a sorority.  Jack Gordon is one of the students who caught one of the kisses that Niki was passing around the night she was murdered, a person that has been labeled as a stalker. In the autopsy investigation, an x-ray causes Megan to feel a need to cut open the girl’s skull. She is devastated at the outcome.  It seems the killer has removed the victim’s brain.

Megan recalls another case like this a few years back. A serial killer, Wilson Polley, is now serving a life sentence for that crime and now there may be a copycat killer. Daniel Grubstick wrote a book to clear his name in that mystery and recognizes Niki Shumaker as Niki Marshall, the daughter of Wilson Polley in that book.

Since Polley has an online cult following, the investigation team believes the copycat may be a part of it. Polley blamed Megan for his demise behind bars and still proclaims his innocence, while his daughter thinks he is evil. The prisoner still helps Megan out as he allows her some letters from his fan base. In exchange for his help, he wants Megan to offer a public apology when he is found innocent, which is not going to happen.

It is discovered that Gordon Jackson is one of Wilson Polley’s followers, yet he says he tried to help Niki when he realized who she was. He has an obsession with her, so much that he cut off a lock of her hair when she kissed him. Gordon swears he was not the killer.  However, interesting evidence shows that the person who murdered Niki, also killed the other three similar victims. This may mean that Polley really is innocent, but Megan has a different take on it.

It is Megan’s belief that Wilson Polley brainwashed Jackson into killing Niki with his old brain hook to make it look like he is innocent. An old Egyptian embalming tool was discovered at Daniel Grubstick’s with a print from Polley’s daughter on it.  Polley makes a direct threat to Megan when he learns they are going after his daughter.

Lacy is missing but Megan finally finds her.  They get into a heated conversation as Lacy feels mom is too overprotective due to her diabetes. Peter advised her not to let the illness get to her or control her, and then Megan and Peter have a spat.

Back at the crime scene, more evidence suggests that Polley was the actual killer, which means someone had to let him out and then let him back in after he committed the murder. This happens to be exactly what happened when it is found that Wilson killed the prison guard who was helping him. Then a frightening call comes from inside the building to Meagan with a chilling congrats from Wilson for thwarting his plan.

Megan is alone at the office when she sees Wilson coming at her, knocking her out, and tying her up in a chair. Upon awakening, Wilson is threatening to rip Megan’s brain out  with the hook while she is alive as he covers her mouth with duct tape.

Just then, the elevator door opens and Peter appears, seeing Megan tied to the chair. He and Wilson get into a struggle as Megan works diligently to get free. Wilson is beating Peter when all at once Megan shoots Wilson in the shoulder. Peter then pushes the killer over the balcony, dropping him to his death. Megan notices the hook is stuck in Peter’s stomach. The episode leaves viewers hanging as Megan is holding Peter in her arms. Follow “Body of Proof” on ABC on Tuesdays 10/9C or check out the website http://abc.go.com/shows/body-of-proof.