More Drama On “Grey’s Anatomy”

In “Owen Owns Up,” the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Owen does exactly that to Cristina.  In the last episode we were left off knowing that Owen had cheated on Cristina after she had aborted their baby, but we did not know why.  This week’s episode starts off with Owen and Cristina holed up in their apartment after telling the people at Seattle Grace that they were sick with the flu.

Christina demands that Owen tell her absolutely everything about the one night stand, so he does.  Post-couples therapy after the abortion disaster Owen encountered a lady who had a friend in a connected case and Owen ended up saving this lady’s friend’s life. The pair ended up going to a bar for a drink after the stressful events of the day and ended up having one too many. On the way out the lady began to beg Owen to kiss her, but he told her he was married.  She kept begging over and over and he kept saying that he was married. Continue reading

Johnny Depp Stars In “Dark Shadows”

Johnny Depp is one of the most well-known actors of his generation. He has warmed, charmed and repulsed viewers world-wide with the variety of characters he has played. In a recent collaboration with Tim Burton, Depp played a vampire named Barnabas Collins that has come back to life in the remake of “Dark Shadows”.

Reviews for the character’s look have garnered no response from Depp or Burton, as of yet. However, initially, the look that was chosen for Barnabas Collins has not gone over well with the general public. The finished movie was just released in theaters. Continue reading

“Ringer” Finally Starts Answering Questions

Fans of the CW show, “Ringer”, have gotten a lot of their questions answered from the last two episodes. This is good, since many viewers have had these questions since the pilot episode.

Warning: If you watch the show religiously, you may not want to continue to read, since there are spoilers for the coming season finale, “I’m the Good Twin”.

In the last two episodes before the finale, fans were able to find out that Andrew’s ex-wife, Catherine, was the person responsible for the murder attempts on Siobahn’s life. Fans also got to watch as Bridget confessed to Juliet and Andrew about who she really is. It didn’t go over very well. Also, Bridget now knows that Siobahn is still alive. Continue reading

MTV Renews “Teen Wolf”

MTV has announced that it will renew “Teen Wolf” for a second season. MTV also recently released a trailer that shows new characters, more drama and more blood. There also seems to be more romance, as well. At the end of the trailer, the announcer told the viewer to share the video. If five million views were registered, it would unlock the first ten minutes of the first episode of season two. The trailer had five million views. Due to the overwhelming response, viewers were able to see the first 10 minutes of the season premier. Continue reading

Lohan’s Legal Worries Continue

Lindsay Lohan seems to remain the center of some controversy. The child star recently earned her freedom from supervised probation, but remains on unsupervised probation through the state of California.

Seeming extremely happy when she assured the judge that she would stay out of trouble, Lohan left the court room triumphantly, with plans to star in a movie, and to guest host on Saturday Night Live. However, recent accusations have surfaced that Lohan was involved in a case of assault, at The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood during the first week of April, 2012. Continue reading

Hal Kanter Tribute From The Writers Guild of America West

Hal Kanter will receive a tribute for his amazing achievements in the entertainment world during his career. While Kanter died at the age of 92, his work will be remembered by future generations for years to come.

The Writers Guild of America West will hold a ceremony for Hal Kanter on May 6 of 2012. It will be held on that Sunday, at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, California. Continue reading

Series Finale For “Desperate Housewives”

It looks like “Desperate Housewives” will be no more after this season. However, before the series finale, the cast and crew will get to say goodbye- again- to Christine Estabrook, who played Martha Huber on the show. The character played by Estabrook was on the show for eleven episodes.

Martha Huber was the nosey widow that lived on Wisteria Lane. Huber was the on screen sister of Felicia Tilman and the first one to discover Mary Young’s suicide. Estabrook’s character was killed off by Paul, for her part in Young’s death. Estabrook will join Dana Delany for the series finale. Continue reading

Derek And Maria Are Heating Up “Dancing With The Stars”

Maria Menounos and her on-screen dance partner, Derek Hough, are juicing it up for viewers, with two stage kisses and time spent together, up close and personal, in dance practice. If viewers didn’t know better, the two would look like an item, on stage and off. However, Menounos has a boyfriend, and has had one for ten years.

Menounos has been in a relationship with director Kevin Undergaro for more than a decade. However, its not well-known, like other Hollywood romances, because Undergaro doesn’t like being in the spotlight. Continue reading

Survivor is Heating Up As Tribe Finally Cuts Loose One of the Girls

Kat Edorsson, the dizzy 22 year old timeshare rep from Orlando Florida, found herself in a blindside she was not expecting this week. It was almost comical as the votes to get rid of her came right after she said “a blindside would be funny” although she was referring to a blindside of Sabrina, which she thought was the case.  Turns out, Kat was the lone voter for Sabrina and the rest of the pack put a hit on Kat, much to her surprise.

In the twelfth Tribal Council of the season, Kat met her demise. In post interviews, Kat admitted she would go down in history as the most naïve player ever, and she was going to try to get back on the show to redeem herself. Continue reading

Women Against Men – “Survivor” Alliances May Be Threatened

As another week of the CBS reality TV show “Survivor” comes to an end, it appears that Troyzan is playing the game, and playing very well. Most of the time in the popular show, the fans and viewers pull for the underdogs, but not in this series.

There are several things that were evident in the realty TV show this week, beginning with how Troyzan seemed to control the game. Troy is not helping his cause by taunting the women before and after the challenges, especially a bunch of women who are hungry. He also needs to try to unite with them in order to advance in the game. Some think that he is making himself so disliked that he may end up being in the finals. However, as soon as he won the challenge, Troyzan started working on Christina and Alicia to turn against Kim. His plan did not work, and he finds himself forced to win immunity for a long time to survive.  In order to survive, he really needs to turn on the charm. Continue reading