All That Is Needed is a Little Respect in “The Middle”

Sue is devastated as she learns the Wrestlers won’t be pictured in the school yearbook because it has already gone to press. She is also bummed out because she never had her individual picture taken for it either. She is encouraged to pay the guidance counselor, Jane Marsh (guest star Whoopi Goldberg), a visit to see if she can help.  Jane is elated that a student wants to meet with her.

Jane and Sue really hit it off as they get right into each other’s interests. They both have a mutual desire for inspirational posters and end up finding out that as children, they both had underbites that caused them to end up with braces. Sue is beyond inspired by Jane as she encourages her to reach for the stars and go for her dreams. Their conversation is the reason Sue changes her name to “Suki.”  When she does so, all her teachers think she is a new foreign exchange student.  Some people shun her, thinking she has contagious diseases.  The students are all advised to wash their hands so they don’t contact anything from Suki.

After this, Suki goes to see Miss Marsh again.  Jane promises Suki that she will help- her get her picture in the yearbook, something that Suki is dying to do. The two of them head down to the teacher’s lounge to make it happen, but it doesn’t work out the way they thought it would until Miss March gets aggressive and demands that they give Suki the respect that she deserves. Jane succeeds in getting Suki’s picture into the yearbook, but they are not real happy when they find out it is in the “In Memory” section.  That was the only page they had held back after the book had already gone to press.

Frankie is adamant about getting a new bed.  She has plans to make her bedroom into a sanctuary. This causes some major issues with Mike, who is totally against any kind of change, even though he realizes that people who live in crack houses even have better mattresses than they do. He is also extremely against the manner in which his wife discusses their person business with other people. While Mike finally gives in and agrees to buy a new bed, it is not without conditions.  He decides he will assemble it himself. Well, that goes over like a lead balloon as he tries to do so without a whole lot of luck.

Although there are the normal 800 numbers available where Mike can call up professional representatives that will assist him with any issues he may be having, he refuses to do so.  Frankie steps in to do it for him. Once they get the bed assembled and ready to go, they both realize that the headboard is not something that offers very much comfort. This of course leads to a large disagreement between them since Mike did not want to get a new bed anyway, and he ends up telling his wife she is acting like her mother.  He might as well have set off an atomic bomb, it could not have been any worse than the brawl they entered into. The two of them finally make up after they decide to switch beds with Axl.

Brick is trying to figure out how he is going to get out of complete humiliation for competing in the Presidential Fitness Challenge at school. When he makes a call to the White House, he gets transferred to the department of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.  That attempt goes over about as good as his attempt at teaching his little brother how to do a pull up. Things actually go quite well as Brick ends up getting some intentional laughs from the gym class once they see he has lightened up.  He has diffused the ridicule as he doesn’t come across so serious.