ABC Series “Last Man Standing” Returns with TV’s Tim Allen

Mike, played by TV titan Tim Allen, is a world voyager turned marketing director facing life’s greatest challenge, his family in the hilarious ABC comedy series, “Last Man Standing.”  When Mike’s wife, Vanessa receives a promotion at work, Mike finds himself spending more time with his female dominated family at home.

The three girls were not prepared for the father’s hot-headed old-fashioned world view take over of their everyday lives, especially the oldest daughter, Kristin, who is trying to raise her son with more liberal views than her father can tolerate. The gut-busting comedy will keep you laughing as the family tries to mix and mingle their lives while trying to resist Mike’s crazy control over them in the household.

This week’s episode begins after Mike has made a trip to get a company physical and when the results come in they are less than perfect. It seems that for some reason, Mike’s blood pressure is through the roof and he is determined to get it down before he has to go for a follow-up appointment.  The doctor advised him of the things he could do that would help, one of those being the fact that Mike needs to reduce the amount of stress he experiences in his life over the next week. That may be easier said than done.  As if Mike’s normal life isn’t stressful enough, his dad is moving to the area and will be getting his own apartment in town since he is going to be working there.

In order for you to understand and to make it perfectly clear, is it not that Mike doesn’t love his dad.  The problem with him moving to town is that his dad drives him crazy when he tells stories like how he was the inventor of the “Big Mac.” The story was that Bud, Mike’s dad, was apparently eating two all-beef patties one day when a clown started staring at him, and thus Bud’s idea that he invented the “Big Mac.”  If that is not enough to get Mike’s blood pressure boiling, the fact that his dad is sporting a new female in his life is.  Her name is Stella and she is also moving in with Bud to add fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile Mike’s wife, Vanessa, screws up big time when she lets Bud in on the secret that Mike doesn’t especially like Stella. Her advice to Bud was to maybe keep Stella away from their house in order to allow Mike to get his blood pressure under control by reducing his stress level. What does Bud do?  He puts Stella back on a bus to Durango, a city that is six hours away from where they live. The couple promised that they would “sext” each other, although Bud does not even know what that is.

Mike admits to his father that he still expects to see his mom to walk up behind him.  Bud tells Mike he would freak out if this happened, since his wife has been dead for 5 years. Mike convinces Bud to bring Stella back and Mike’s BP comes down. However, it could be due to the relaxing Hawaiian music that “Outdoor Man” Ed has been playing.