Fantasy Island TV Series

Fantasy IslandThere are a few shows that, based on the premise alone, seem like such a cool idea it is a wonder that they never got made way before they did.  I think Fantasy Island is one of those shows, where people get to travel to an island and have their deepest fantasy come true.  Who wouldn’t want this?  Most people would pay a fortune to go on a trip like this.

“Da plane!  Da pane!”

Everyone knows that catch phrase from the diminutive Tattoo, played by little person Herve Villechaize.  I’ve heard some wild stories about how crazy this tiny guy was in real life; he drank like a fish and was a womanizing maniac.  I can see that.  I would be too if I were two feet tall.


Ricardo Montalban was a very underrated actor.  I mean, he played freaking Khan on Star Trek and killed it.  He was sexy and smooth, with that rich accent that gave him a very authentically exotic vibe.  He was warm and reassuring to the guests that arrived at the island but you could tell he was the type of guy that didn’t mess around.  He had a commanding presence about him, Mr. Roarke did.  There was an air of mystery surrounding him too that I always thought was interesting.  Like, who the heck was this guy anyway?  How did he know so much about the guests and how exactly did the island’s magic work?

They never really say much about his actual origins but there was a strong supernatural element to the series throughout its 7 year and 158 episode run.  They had devils and genies and all kinds of other creatures that would come and go.  In a way it was a lot like Lost in my opinion.  The islands both have mystical properties.


Roarke’s job was to teach the guests life lessons during their stay, where granting their fantasy was not the end all be all to them being there.  It was more important to show them their mistakes, sort of like It’s A Wonderful Life envisioned as a weekly series. You can see old reruns of this television series with ATT U-verse TV at Sign up and check out the old reruns soon.

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