“The Walking Dead” Marathon On AMC

Get ready for complete zombie saturation. AMC, not wanting to leave you without all your zombie-fighting favorites for too long, has lined up a “The Walking Dead” marathon. This marathon is sure to reignite the Dead flame within fans, bringing it to peak levels with sneak peeks and premiering scenes. It is set to be held between July 7th and July 8th. Gear up for the blood, guts, rotting limbs and gore. It’s all there for you to watch, again.

Fans will also be able to see input from the Talking Dead, a live aftershow that premiered after the season two premier of episode one.  The cable television show includes appearances from celebrity fans, and TWD crew and cast members. During the show, the latest episode is discussed with fans and guests. There are also online polls, behind-scenes footage and trivia, and live feeds from social media. Fans can connect with Talking Dead through Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. Continue reading

Seeing the Good in it All – “Private Practice” – Gone Baby Gone

As soon as Amelia goes into labor, Jake admits her to the hospital. He lets all his colleagues know that she intends to donate all her baby’s organs, which sparks a huge debate of whether or not it is an ethically acceptable move. The problem is, there can’t be a declaration of brain death for a baby that has no brain, but if they wait for the baby to die naturally, then the organs will be no good.

It is Amelia’s choice not to take any medication as she lets Sheldon know she is having a unicorn baby, then kicks him out of the room. Jake will need Sam’s help to harvest the baby’s heart and lungs, but Sam does not agree with what Amelia is doing. He’s also letting his personal feelings come into play after catching Jake making out with Addison. Continue reading

Kim Kardashian Considers Move to London

An online men’s lifestyle and finance magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian is planning a move to London and thinks that move would be a good way to repair her damaged image after the short marriage and breakup of the reality star and Kris Humphries.  Sources tend to agree that she needs a break from the criticism and expensive divorce from ex hubby and basketball star, Kris Humphries.

The online magazine goes on to relay that the real estate agent that gets the call to locate Kim Kardashian a home in London will be one lucky agent. Interestingly, the move to rebuild her image is being encouraged by her mother and manager, Kris Jenner. Kim’s mother feels that Kim’s divorce from Humphries which came only 72 days after the wedding and immediately drew strong opposition to the reality star, accusing her of faking the marriage just to increase her ratings and popularity was a huge hit to her reputation. Continue reading

ABC Series “Last Man Standing” Returns with TV’s Tim Allen

Mike, played by TV titan Tim Allen, is a world voyager turned marketing director facing life’s greatest challenge, his family in the hilarious ABC comedy series, “Last Man Standing.”  When Mike’s wife, Vanessa receives a promotion at work, Mike finds himself spending more time with his female dominated family at home.

The three girls were not prepared for the father’s hot-headed old-fashioned world view take over of their everyday lives, especially the oldest daughter, Kristin, who is trying to raise her son with more liberal views than her father can tolerate. The gut-busting comedy will keep you laughing as the family tries to mix and mingle their lives while trying to resist Mike’s crazy control over them in the household. Continue reading

Khloe Tagged as the as the Most Grounded Member of the Kardashian Family

On her way to Chicago from LA, where she’ll meet up with her sister Kim for the kick off of their new Kardashian Home Kollection for Sears and then onto New York for the opening of sister Kourtney’s boyfriend, Scott Disick’s, new restaurant, Khloe reports the family, including hubby Lamar Odom, is going to meet up to spend some time and have a fun family weekend, making it sound as if it is a weekend in the country after a  twister week of appearances.

Since the reality TV blow out of the Kardashian family in 2008, it is the type of life the family has become accustomed to.  Each of the members cross-promote each of the siblings in whatever their undertakings are as if it was their own. Khloe reveals how important she thinks it is, as she likes to promote her own brand as part of the groups venture of the family. Continue reading

“Shah’s of Sunset” Recap

Vintage stores are scary, or so says Asa.  She and GG start out the episode attempting to form some type of relationship, and GG takes Asa to a vintage store in order to help Asa manage her money.  However, the attempt failed miserably because Asa complains about not being able to rid the stench of used clothes.

One thing that the two are able to agree on is the rude behavior of MJ at GG’s parent’s 40th anniversary party.  GG is a bit outraged…as usual, by MJ showing up three hours late, and while GG was pleased with Asa’s agreement she is not pleased with MJ and determines that MJ will be hearing from her. Continue reading