It’s the Moment of Truth This Week on “Grey’s Anatomy”

This week the episode reveals it is time for the fifth year residents to take their board tests. The superior team sees them off as they have trained and taught them unendingly over the years. As they leave, Mark slips Jackson a few dollars, “just in case.” They are off to San Francisco, all but Alex as he is still looking for ways to help Morgan’s baby.  Arizona finally forces him out the door.

April meets a fellow peer, Kevin, at the airport. She tells him that she has been offered a position he wanted, so he now hates her. Meredith is battling the stomach flu she caught from Zola. Jackson is dealing with his mom living in his hotel room.

Kevin approaches April at the hotel bar and makes some smart remarks. April cleans his clock and starts to throw another punch when Richard shows up to break it up. She then kisses Jackson and drags him into her hotel room.  While she was a virgin before heading off to take the boards, things have now changed.

Richard sees Catherine in the hotel lobby and they continue flirting as he shares his story about Adele over dinner. They end up in Catherine’s room.  Richard hesitates, but only for a moment as passion wins out.  It is soon deflated as Jackson drops by his mom’s room to pick up his lucky pencil. Continue reading

“GCB” Cooks Up Adam and Eve’s Rib

The ninth episode opens with Carlene sharing her virtual presentation for her Condos for Christian Living and the fact that they can build them in Oklahoma instead of Mexico. Ripp tells her he must ask his partners, but needs to focus on the barbeque first.

At the church, the GCB talk about the annual barbeque competition and it seems that they are all to busy to help. When Amanda heard Ripp and Burls telling her daughter Laura she can’t compete as it is an all men competition, she jumps on stage while Carlene concludes her prayer and tells the crowd she is starting an all women’s barbeque team. Carlene is irate and tells Ripp she will make sure Amanda doesn’t have a team.

Meanwhile, Cricket meets with sexy Mason, the rich owner of the stud service she needs for her mare. Cricket is professional but Mason flirts as she allows him to get the upper hand in the negotiations for a higher price.

Amanda is disappointed that no one has signed up for the women’s barbeque team. She learns Carlene is holding a spa day for the ladies on the same day as the barbeque. Amanda solicits Heather for the team, but she turns her down.  Sharon asks Zack why he put up a car for the prize when the dealership is not doing well.  He tells her it is good advertisement. He tells her to stay out of his business…..bad mistake.

Luke shows up as Amanda is struggling with her brisket and offers some pointers. Amanda puts him on the road so she can do this on her own. Gigi finds Amanda down on her luck and offers to help. She told Amanda her daddy said the smoke was the key so they set off to find the traditional wood for the smoke. Continue reading