Former “Prison Break” Star Catches a Break of His Own

Event actor and former Prison Break star, Lane Garrison, is for the moment catching a break of his own as he has not yet been charged with an arrest on suspicion of felony domestic violence last Saturday. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles DA’s office met with Garrison’s attorney to review the case.  The incident could put Lane in a bad position as he is on parole for an earlier conviction.

Beverly Hills Police responded to a domestic violence report Saturday where 31 year old Garrison was the perpetrator. He was not still at the victim’s residence when police arrived at the call location, but they caught up with him the next day at his place as they took him into custody. Garrison is currently being kept in jail under a 50 thousand dollar bail. Continue reading

McClusky Offers the Girls on Wisteria Lane Her Love as Her Last Will – The End Final Episode

Poor Karen McClusky has gotten worse, to the point she needs to go to hospice care. Roy just can’t handle her needs by himself, but Karen wants to die at home. The ladies on the Lane pitch in to help Roy by taking turns. Bree, Lynette, Susan, and Gaby vow to help Karen to the end. Karen knows the girls are not just her neighbors, they are also her friends.

Bree’s murder trial is getting scary, leaving Carlos wanting to come clean, but Gaby refuses to let him. Ben refuses to answer questions and is held in contempt. When Bree confides in Ben, the prosecutor records the conversation as she confesses about the night of the murder. The prosecutor then blackmails Renee in order to get the conviction of Bree. Continue reading

Prelude to Last Episode of “Desperate Housewives” – The People Will Hear

Bree continues to be emotionally involved with her Defense attorney as she is feeling very anxious about her upcoming murder trial. As the episode begins, Tripp is prepping the girls of Wisteria Lane for their testimonies in the trial. He is concerned when he hears Gabby refer to the victim as Alejandro. When Trip leaves, Bree’s friends point out that he is sporting round with a blonde in a red convertible sports car.  Bree is curious about what is going on.

When Bree runs into the blonde beauty, Lindsay, at the court house she finds out she is a private detective helping Tripp on her case. Actually, “was” helping is more appropriate – until Bree insults her by calling her a hooker.  Bree tries to apologize and Lindsay understands as she has been doing this for a long time, telling Bree that his female clients always fall for him even though his is always about the case. Bree tells Lindsay it is different with the two of them. Continue reading

Kermit-Maynard Connection Better Than Dates on Bachelorette

Good luck with getting through to that heart as there did not seem to be a lot of chemistry on either side in this week’s episode of the bachelorette, unless it was between Emily and Kermit. Talk about a dull group of guys, and what happened to the good looking ones?

Ryan was the season’s first date. Instead of the normal glamorous first date, Emily takes Ryan to her house to help her bake the cookies for Ricki’s soccer team snack, making him wear a frilly apron as they made the cookie dough and asking him to sit in the car while she dropped off the juice and cookies to her daughter.  Booorrriiiiiinnnnggg! While it is important for Emily to introduce futuristic possibilities into her way of life, should it be on the first date?  Really? Producers better get going on something here or they will lose the viewers fast on this season. Continue reading

Relationship Issues Abound On “Mad Men”

In this episode of “Mad Men”, there is a big fight between Abe and Peggy. Abe finally lashed out, feeling too much weight with the massive work load that Peggy has been carrying back home. Peggy of course is freaking out about a presentation that is about to take place for Heinz.  Under such pressure Peggy ends up calling it off all together!  It is revealed that Abe is still under the confines of gender roles and thinks that Peggy is acting “out of order.”

Then it really started getting bad for Peggy as she was left entirely alone by her coworkers Don Draper and Megan.  Don was always great about getting companies to sign deals and take up offers, but Peggy would have to do it solo this time because he and Megan were going on a trip while the presentation was taking place.   Peggy ends up failing on the presentation, trying to ultimately impersonate Don by telling the Heinz representative that he should like her slogan of ‘home is where the Heinz is’ but instead he takes her off of the account altogether. Continue reading

“The Vampire Diaries” Gets Steamy

A steamy episode of “The Vampire Diaries”, this one starts with Alaric stuck in the cellar of the Salvatore household.  Needing essential things to survive, Elena decided to bring him what he needed so that he could sleep, bath, wear at least a single clean pair of clothes, etc. Elena decides to go to Denver, accompanied by Damon, so that they can see what’s up with Jeremy as well as to resolve some feelings she has had about Damon. The real mission was to make sure that Jeremy got in touch with Rose to see what bloodline she was from.  This in turn would reveal the bloodline of Katherine as well as the Salvatore brothers.  The rest of the plan if for Stefan to stay put to try and discover where a missing stake has been hidden by Evilaric.

Stefan ends up bringing Alaric some alcohol to get him to sleep because apparently Moby Dick was not doing the trick.  Instead of sleeping though Alaric and Stefan end up talking for a long time and Stefan describes his dilemma about Elena.  He has decided to take the higher ground and want Elena to see if she has feelings for another man (Damon) before he even starts thinking about getting her back. Continue reading

Who Went Home On “The Voice”?

Last night on the voice the candidates picked to go home were not all that surprising.  Adam Levine and Celo Green’s teams were up on the chopping block.

Adam went first and predictably Tony Lucca was safe due to his good solid performance on Monday as well as his solid backing of fans.  America none-the-less picked him to stay, which meant that Mathai and Katrina were left to battle it to the death, or really just to stay on the show.

Mathai went first and nearly blew it for herself when she did not start with her music.  However, she got through it and was performing Carrie Underwood’s Cowboy Casanova.  She did a solidly good job and Blake complemented her on expressing her inner hillbilly.  The only odd thing about it was that no one seemed to think that she actually had an inner hillbilly. Continue reading

More Drama On “Grey’s Anatomy”

In “Owen Owns Up,” the latest episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”, Owen does exactly that to Cristina.  In the last episode we were left off knowing that Owen had cheated on Cristina after she had aborted their baby, but we did not know why.  This week’s episode starts off with Owen and Cristina holed up in their apartment after telling the people at Seattle Grace that they were sick with the flu.

Christina demands that Owen tell her absolutely everything about the one night stand, so he does.  Post-couples therapy after the abortion disaster Owen encountered a lady who had a friend in a connected case and Owen ended up saving this lady’s friend’s life. The pair ended up going to a bar for a drink after the stressful events of the day and ended up having one too many. On the way out the lady began to beg Owen to kiss her, but he told her he was married.  She kept begging over and over and he kept saying that he was married. Continue reading

Johnny Depp Stars In “Dark Shadows”

Johnny Depp is one of the most well-known actors of his generation. He has warmed, charmed and repulsed viewers world-wide with the variety of characters he has played. In a recent collaboration with Tim Burton, Depp played a vampire named Barnabas Collins that has come back to life in the remake of “Dark Shadows”.

Reviews for the character’s look have garnered no response from Depp or Burton, as of yet. However, initially, the look that was chosen for Barnabas Collins has not gone over well with the general public. The finished movie was just released in theaters. Continue reading

“Ringer” Finally Starts Answering Questions

Fans of the CW show, “Ringer”, have gotten a lot of their questions answered from the last two episodes. This is good, since many viewers have had these questions since the pilot episode.

Warning: If you watch the show religiously, you may not want to continue to read, since there are spoilers for the coming season finale, “I’m the Good Twin”.

In the last two episodes before the finale, fans were able to find out that Andrew’s ex-wife, Catherine, was the person responsible for the murder attempts on Siobahn’s life. Fans also got to watch as Bridget confessed to Juliet and Andrew about who she really is. It didn’t go over very well. Also, Bridget now knows that Siobahn is still alive. Continue reading