“Body of Proof” is Playing “Mind Games”

An 18 year old college freshman is found dead in an alleyway after she is seen throwing down shots and kissing numerous guys in a college bar. The kisses were not the girl’s promiscuity shining through, but the result of Niki’s pledge to a sorority.  Jack Gordon is one of the students who caught one of the kisses that Niki was passing around the night she was murdered, a person that has been labeled as a stalker. In the autopsy investigation, an x-ray causes Megan to feel a need to cut open the girl’s skull. She is devastated at the outcome.  It seems the killer has removed the victim’s brain.

Megan recalls another case like this a few years back. A serial killer, Wilson Polley, is now serving a life sentence for that crime and now there may be a copycat killer. Daniel Grubstick wrote a book to clear his name in that mystery and recognizes Niki Shumaker as Niki Marshall, the daughter of Wilson Polley in that book. Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale, FL Comcast Cable Packages

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Digital TV in Fort Lauderdale, FL incorporates more interests into its programming now more than ever. With this television package not matter who you are or what you attracts your attention, Digital TV in HD will have it! From the most extensive sports networks to comedy, kids’ shows, and the best Premium Movie Channels, Digital TV in HD has more for you to enjoy. Continue reading

“Survivor One World” Boots Michael Jefferson

Thirty year old banker, Michael Jefferson from Seattle Washington was voted off in last week’s episode of “Survivor” in the 8th tribal council this season. Ten players are left after Jefferson’s exit from the merged tribe, Tikiano.  Blindsided Michael was stiffed by his tribe as Kim Spradlin fabricated a big fib, telling Troy Robertson that Michael was placing a target on him.

Michael later admits that’s Kim made a strategic move, and Troy never mentioned Kim’s accusations to him leading him to believe that he was going to take Tarzan and Alicia to the end with him. Michael felt that he had the girls on his side, but also believed it would become guys against girls at some point. However, the blind-side made him realize that no one can be trusted in the game.

The 24th series started out with men versus the women, but when they pulled the tribe switch, Jay and Mike made a pact to pretty much stick with the old Salani group of Chelsea, Kim, Kat, and Sabrina. Jay, the model from Gaffney, SC, was concerned that the girls would remain hooked up and do damage to the merge, pushing the fact that a woman must be the next to go. Continue reading

MTV’s “Unplugged” Still Going Strong After 23 Years

“Unplugged” is a show that provides artists with an opportunity to ditch the loud instruments and flashy concert appeal to simply perform as themselves. Performances are reduces to little or no instruments. Usually, the lights are dim, and the atmosphere is casual, allowing for a more personal experience for viewer and artist, alike. The show originally aired in 1989 and was awarded an Emmy. It was credited for being “ground-breaking”, offering fans a more acoustical approach and view at their favorite artists.

The show has helped artists from all genres showcase their singing abilities. “Unplugged” has seen the talents of some of the most incredible artists of the 20th century, including Eric Clapton, Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, India, Laryn Hill, Lil Wayne, Train and more.

However, “Unplugged” does not guarantee a spot to just anyone. The president of the Viacom Music and Logo Group, Van Toffler, said artists that are invited to perform are hand-picked with care. He reports that MTV gets a lot of requests from artists, but not all of these artists seem to fit with the show’s stripped-down approach. Toffler went on to say that he believes simplicity and rawness are key components in what has made “Unplugged” a lasting draw for audiences. He added that the “Unplugged” forum will not hide any blemishes for any artist. Continue reading